Are you a successful blogger? Have you achieved your goals as a blogger? What does it really mean to have a successful blog?

I see so may posts on how to become a successful blogger. So many posts on turning your blog into a successful blog. But what does success mean?

10 tips on writing a successful posts, 21 tips on maintaining a successful blog. 5 Tips on success here, 10 tips on success there. Is there some kind of recipe or process that one must follow to be a successful blogger?

What makes a blog successful?

The truth is, I don’t really know. Success is such a broad term. Success also means different things to different people. Some set their success goals very high, others are just content to be. It’s not about the length or frequency of articles, it’s not even about the amount of time the author spends writing each entry, it’s not about grammar or punctuation, nor is it about the money you might or might not generate.

Although these things can and might be important, they become insignificant if no one reads your blog. I think a blog is successful if it gets read. If readers engage in conversation on your blog. When I first started out, I thought it was absolutely wonderful when I saw that I started to get people reading my blog. First there was 2-3 a day, then 20 a day, the 100, then 200 and so on. A blog is successful when you feel you’ve met your goals.

Do you have a successful blog?

How do you measure success? Have you set out goals for your blog to achieve? Are people reading your blog? Your successful blog might be, and probably is, completely different to mine. But knowing that it is achieving it’s goals, however small, means it’s successful.

You might not be as successful as Darren Rowse at, or Chris Garret, or Seth Godin, or Chris Brogan. But if your blog gets read, and your readership increases steadily, then you have a successful blog.

So take a moment, analyse your blog. See if it is successful according to your standards and goals set. Then pat yourself on the back, stand in front of the mirror and say, “Well done!” Then let me know why you think your blog is successful.