What does SEO mean? What does it stand for? What a weird question. I’m sure you know by now what SEO stands for. But I will repeat. It is an acronym and it stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is the process and art of getting your website to work better with the search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing by using choice keywords and key phases that appear naturally in your copy.

The reason you want to optimise your page and website should be obvious. You want to give yourself a better chance to be found by the search engines directly and get more traffic.

Often people refer to SEO as the technical part of the web page and its marketing efforts on the web. But I would like to look at it from a different angle.

Many SEO professionals would have you believe that SEO is very complicated. While there are unique tricks of the trade that one needs to understand, everyone can understand and implement the basics. So here goes my thoughts on what SEO should be:


SEO should be simple to implement and simple to understand. Especially the basics. Search engines search via keywords entered by users. Your page is displayed depending on the importance and use of those keywords on various aspects of your page. But the nuts and bolts of it are this; how close does your content match the searched term?


If your SEO is not effective then it is a waste of time. You need to monitor your efforts on a regular basis. Then change your page and strategy according to the results that you observed. So many people think that SEO is a once off thing. It is not. It is an ongoing exercise to beat the next guy to the top. In order to do that your SEO has to be effective. In order for it to be effective you have to make changes on a regular basis. These changes might not be huge. They could well be just changing a keyword here and there. Re-organising your page. adding some more headings, bolds etc.


SEO should be obvious. You should not have to rack your brain to figure it out. What is your page all about? How would you describe your page in a few short keyword terms? If you were to look for your page, how would you do that? What terms would you use in order to find your own page. SEO is primarily aimed at humans not Search engines. It is humans that do the searching. The obvious conclusion is that our copy should be well suited for humans and not search engines.