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What Does SN Mean On Snapchat?

What Does SN Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat users generate new and innovative slang daily, which often raises questions like, “What does SN mean on Snapchat?”. Communicating via telephone call has become a thing of the past. Today, people in the UK and the world are more intrigued by using various social media platforms and multimedia messaging apps. This is how they communicate with their near and dear ones.

There are numerous slang terms that Snapchat users use daily, such as “SN”. The abbreviation “SN” can mean “Screen Name” or “Say Nothing” on Snapchat. You must be aware of most of these terms if you have been using the app for a long time. However, communicating using such slang will not be simple for new users. 

This article will dive deeper into the meaning of the abbreviation “SN” on Snapchat and more.

A Bit About Snapchat

Snapchat is a widespread multimedia messaging app created by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy. They were former Stanford University students and started the app to help users communicate by sending text messages and photos. 

Snapchat enables recipients to access images and messages for a specific period, after which these become inaccessible to recipients. According to the creators, this helps people maintain a steady flow of communication.

Acronyms On Messaging Apps

Acronyms have become a standard language for people and are not just limited to Snapchat alone. People use several social media platforms and multimedia messaging apps daily. You will notice that users use acronyms or abbreviated forms of numerous English words on such communication tools.

The sole purpose of using acronyms is to save time in typing. There are indeed several words in the English dictionary that are long. Typing such long words will take time if you are in a hurry. Thus, people created acronyms. However, understanding the true meaning of all the abbreviations is impossible for everybody. It needs experience and a bit of common sense.

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What Does SN Mean On Snapchat?

Are you wondering: What does SN mean on Snapchat? Well, you are not the only one thinking along this line. Many people often wonder about the meanings of different abbreviations used on Snapchat. But there are two possible meanings associated with this particular abbreviation.

First, “SN” can mean “Screen Name” on Snapchat. This refers to the name you have given yourself on the platform. It’s also referred to as an alias or handle. Someone may use “SN” when referencing your Screen Name in a chat.

Second, “SN could also mean “Say Nothing” on Snapchat. In fact, it is commonly used as an abbreviation for “Say Nothing” on TikTok and WhatsApp. A user might use “SN” when asking someone not to tell anyone else about something they were discussing. Or, they could text the abbreviation to respond to someone thanking them for a good deed.

Knowing these two primary meanings of the “SN” abbreviation will help you better navigate your Snapchat conversations. 


Snapchat is a widespread multimedia messaging app that has greatly been admired since its inception. According to recent data, the app had above 293 million regularly active users. However, for new users, using Snapchat properly may take time.

This is because people use different abbreviations while communicating via the app. And understanding the meaning of such acronyms may not be simple for a new user.

Among the several abbreviations used on Snapchat, ” SN ” is commonly used. This acronym means “Screen Name” or “Say Nothing”, depending on the context of the message. Either way, there’s no need for you to wonder: “What does SN mean on Snapchat?” anymore.

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