Are you amazed every week by the resilience of X Factor’s Wagner? From the boos emanating from the crowd we can guess that most people are. However according to last night’s vote the general public seem to think that Wagner is more entertaining than Cher and Paije. In fact it’s almost unbelievable that Wagner has never been in a sing off.

Why is Wagner still in the X-Factor? – Good question

It’s definitely not about singing so it can only be about being more interesting. The lesson – if you are not the best at something then try and be totally different.

Being different to gain a marketing advantage is nothing new to Wagner! Here he is modelling with his pet lion to advertise his conservatory firm in Brazil! Wagner was given the lion as a cub, and brought it up at his house.

Wagner: Odd yes – different definitely!

Wagner is appealing to a large niche audience, whereas all the others are competing for the same voters. Last year we had Jedward and the year before Same Difference.

The trick is not to be the same as everybody else but appeal to a niche in order to capture a majority vote – or in business – the biggest slice of the sales cake!

Not only will being different attract more viewers for your marketing endeavours, it will get you talked about, tweeted about, linked to etc… all great SEO and Social Media tricks of the trade. Some of the headlines in the last few weeks:

    • Wagner Carrilho banned from groping X Factor dancers – Metro
    • Flamboyant Wagner Carrilho has been threatened with the axe from X Factorafter being branded a “sex pest” – The Mirror
    • X Factor: Wagner ‘warned after walking in on half-naked Mary Byrne’ – Metro
    • I’m leaving! Wagner moves out of the X Factor house after falling out with EVERYONE – The Mail
    • Wagner’s living off Incapacity Allowance – The Sun
    • Hell of X Factor stars Missus – The Sun
    • X Factor: Wagner rants Cheryl Cole is ‘a council estate girl who got lucky’ – The Mirror
    • X-Factor: Facebook campaign backs Wagner – The Telegraph

OOOOh and the Latest ! Furious Matt Cardle ‘dragged off’ Wagner in X Factor brawl

It’s also about having a sense of humour, people vote for Wagner because he makes them laugh, squirm and gives them something to talk about. If Wagner won XFactor and Anne Widdicombe won strictly come dancing, it would prove that the great British public have an amazing sense of humour. It’s not all about skill it’s about personality – if you go to Wagner’s Facebook page 54,325 People “Like This”.

The get X Factor Wagner to Number One this Christmas Campaign

There is even a Facebook campaign being run by a group of people who are clearly not massive fans of Simon Cowell. The objective is to use Facebook to catapult Wagner to number one this Christmas.

One commentator wrote on the site: “If you just fancy a really crazy Xmas number 1 this year… vote Wagner!!! If you despise all what the X Factor stands for vote Wagner!

“If you hate Simon Cowell and want to p*** him off vote Wagner! If you want to help run the X factor into the ground and cause mayhem vote Wagner!”

Another commentator added: “I actually think Wagner would make for a really fun Xmas number 1, gotta be better than the alternative romantic slushy s***e that one of the other contestants would bring out!”

Great Internet marketing skills may help get you established, but is that enough?

Not really – you need to be able to:

      • connect with your audience
      • have empathy with your audience
      • know your audience
      • be able to relate to your audience
      • entertain and surprise your audience
      • be different – get noticed

Social Media makes it much easier to understand what makes your audience tick – seek them out and listen to them. Maintain a dialogue with them. Ask them questions.
Finally learn this from the X Factor – there are Internet marketers much more skilled than you, and with bigger budgets that you but you can still be more successful. All you need to do is connect with your audience, show your personality and be different.