Social MediaWhat Time Is TikTok Vs. YouTube UK?

What Time Is TikTok Vs. YouTube UK?

If you love boxing and social media, you must wonder: What time is TikTok vs. YouTube UK? Both TikTok and YouTube are trendy video-sharing platforms for people worldwide.

Users post short or long videos on YouTube and TikTok so their followers can view and enjoy them. The boxing bout between the two platforms was named the Battle of the Platforms.

The Battle of the Platforms was a boxing bout between these popular video-sharing platforms, YouTube and TikTok. It took place on June 12th, 2021, at around 11 pm in the UK. The event occurred at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Miami, Florida. And the tournament was scheduled to have only five rounds, each spanning two minutes.

Read on to find out more about this exciting social media event.

What Was The TikTok vs. YouTube Fight About?

The TikTok vs. YouTube event took place last year. It was an amateur boxing event featuring some popular YouTubers and TikTokers. However, the main event of the Battle of the Platforms was between the TikToker Bryce Hall and YouTuber Austin McBroom.

McBroom defeated Hall within three rounds using a technical knockout. Although Team TikTok came strongly against their opponents, Team YouTube came out as the winner. They defeated Team TikTokers 6-1.

But why did these YouTube and TikTok influencers stage such an elaborate event? They did it to gain more exposure and further increase their number of subscribers and followers. While they may each already have audiences in the millions, an event like this exposes them to the other influencer’s audiences.

This is similar to co-branding in marketing and is an effective strategy when looking to boost your following. But it can be costly if you aren’t an influencer yourself or don’t have an audience yet. 

That’s why lesser-known YouTubers often resort to buying subscribers, viewers, and watch time. It may sound wrong, but it’s 100% legitimate if you use a reputable service provider. We list some of the best sites to purchase YouTube subscribers in one of our other blog posts.

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Who Fought In The Matches?

Some of the two platforms’ most popular social media stars participated in the event. From Team YouTube, there were Ryan Johnston, Landon McBroom, Faze Jarvis, Tanner Fox, and Deji. On the other hand, some big names from TikTok include Ryland Storms, Michael Le, Nate Wyatt, Cale Saurage, and Ben Azelart.

There were other stars at the event who gave performances, such as Lil Baby, DJ Khaled, Trippie Redd, and Migos. With so many famous social media stars at the event, it was indeed a one-of-a-kind occasion for both TikTok and YouTube fans and users.

What Time Is TikTok vs. YouTube UK?

If you are in the UK and wondering, “What time is TikTok vs. YouTube UK?” the main event started at around 11 pm UK time. Although the event began at 11 pm on June 12th, 2021, the PPV event commenced after an hour.

Despite a charge for the PPVs, the first two fights, Ryan Johnston vs. Cale Saurage and Landon McBroom vs. Ben Azelart, were free for all. This should answer the question, “What time is TikTok vs. YouTube UK?” for you.


YouTube and TikTok are two of the biggest video-sharing platforms with millions of users worldwide. Some popular TikTokers and YouTubers had a boxing bout last year in Miami, Florida.

The Battle of the Platforms event had several famous participants, such as Nate Wyatt, Austin McBroom, Bryce Hall, and Faze Jarvis. The event took place at around 11 pm UK time, which should answer your question, “What time is TikTok vs. YouTube UK?”

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