I recently blogged about how to avoid sending emails with typos or errors. At the end of the day, it’s all about having the right proofreading and approval process in place.

But inevitably, something will always slip through the net. So what do you do when this happens and how do you rectify the situation?

Here is my advice:

  1.  Don’t panic, assess the damage

While this might be hard, it is important not to panic and to take a calm, considered view of what has happened. Is it the end of the world? A typo is unlikely to need any further action (apart from perhaps reading point four below), but an issue such as sending out the wrong discount code, or incorrect information about an event, will need rectifying.

Work out who has been sent the email as well as who received and opened the message. Many customers may now have seen the version with the mistake, but the campaign may still be going out or, if there have been few opens, you might want to reassess the action you take. I have received many emails that apologized for an earlier message when I hadn’t actually noticed or even received the offending email!

  1.  Act quickly

Despite saying be calm, it is important that if you do need to take further action, you take it as quickly as possible. If you need to send a follow-up message then the sooner this goes out, the better in terms of placating any recipients that might be annoyed.

  1.  Turn it into a positive

When things go bad, always try and look for ways to turn them into a positive. If you’ve sent a customer the wrong information, why not give them a discount on future purchases as an apology? You’ll make them feel better and it could even lead to more business in the future!

  1.  Take stock and avoid it happening again

When the dust has settled and everything is sorted out, sit down and make any changes to your approval or sign-off procedure to ensure that similar problems don’t happen again in the future.