It’s readily accepted using USB drives as a marketing tool can help to increase brand awareness and be an effective part of your marketing efforts. While companies obsess over the style and design of the drives, they often overlook the impact selecting information to be pre-installed on the USB can have.

They’re a useful tool

USB drives are a tool lots of people use, increasing the potential of your intended targets seeing the information you choose to include. If you use a USB drive that’s branded with your company information, it provides a double hit of marketing. Selecting the best information for the intended user helps to ensure you achieve a greater impact.

What can I pre-load?

The flexibility of USB drives allows you to use a variety of mediums to convey your messages, from simple flyers promoting events to full-on PowerPoint presentations for potential prospects. Some companies include product catalogues or basic company information. Whatever you decide to pre-load onto your USB drive, the aim is simple, create client delight by surprising them or exceeding their expectations. In order to achieve this, the content you add must either be entertaining or offer real-world value. How you add value for your customers will be specific to your business depending on the sector and profile of your target market.

Why opt for a USB?

There are many reasons why USBs are such effective marketing tools. Firstly, people love receiving gifts, it’s exciting. 90% of consumers currently owning a promotional gift, and 53% using a promotional gift at least once a week, a promotional gift gives you a considerable amount of exposure. In fact, 85% of people have done business with a company after receiving a promotional gift from them, while 66% of recipients still remember the company that sent them a gift more than a year later.

Marketing campaigns that use promotional gifts are far more effective. The only real decision is not whether to use one, but rather, which one to use. USB drives are one of the most popular options. Not only are they useful to your customers, but also they have a long shelf life. Your branding and logo will continue to be seen long after the campaign has finished.

Compared to many promotional gifts USB drives are small and tough. This makes them easy to transport to events or post directly to the recipient. They can be a great giveaway at corporate events. You can even pre-load relevant information from the event on to the drive to add extra value for attendees. When compared to other traditional marketing options, USB drives provide an excellent ROI, providing a greater impact for less money.


USB drives are a cool and highly relevant promotional gift. They can be utilised in many different ways to suit different events or means of distribution. The flexibility of a storage device allows you to include additional marketing or promotional information on the drive itself, offering another opportunity to increase brand awareness and drive your message home.