I was horrified to read in the news that a lot of chicken in South Africa, and even in other parts of the world, are being reprocessed and re-sold.

No more does the sell by date on the chicken packaging mean anything. When frozen chickens reach and pass their sell by date, they are reprocessed, given a new sell by date and resold.

The expired chickens, primarily from a company called Supreme Poultry, are washed in a chlorine formula, then injected with brine to bolster their appearance, repackaged, and given a new sell by date. They are then re-delivered to major supermarkets, including Pick-‘n-Pay and Shoprite/Checkers, and fast food outlets including KFC and Nandos, to be re-sold.

“South Africans have been buying and eating tons of old, repackaged frozen chickens for years.

Reprocessed frozen chickens produced by Supreme Poultry, the third-biggest supplier of the birds in South Africa, are also given new expiry dates.” [news24]

Reprocess those old blog posts

Besides the obvious possibility of bacteria and disease, I was appalled to think I might be eating old expired chicken. There are just some things that you don’t do with Chicken.

But when it comes to your blog, then that’s a different story. In fact I strongly encourage you to reprocess your old blog posts.

It’s at this time of the year, when things are at a slow down, that you can take a good look at some of those old posts, those expired posts, and bring them back to life.

Fixing up grammar and spelling mistakes, resurrecting changed and old facts, and even adding some new content. Perhaps even removing and deleting some content that does not apply anymore.

Redoing some of your old blog posts to bring them up to date and improve their quality is an excellent way of getting and producing new content.

Think of this, how many of your current readers would have read that great post that you posted last year? Because of the very nature of blogs, many previous posts get lost in the blog black hole.

Many of the A-list bloggers are reprocessing old blog posts to great effect, why couldn’t you and I do the same. Don’t think of old blog posts as being expired, past and dead. No, with a little bit of imagination, they can be brought back to life, re-posted for all to enjoy.

Happy reprocessing, oh and by the way, be careful of what you eat.