Business intelligence (BI) has become the “talk of the town” – but no prize for guessing why? Since general business settings are going on a more digitalised path and with competitions getting fiercer with each passing day; it is almost impossible to ignore it. It had its own fair share of ups and downs in the last year; it proved to an eventful year nonetheless. And now, new hopes and expectations are getting built and everyone is asking “What’s New in Business Intelligence”?

The market is buzzing with numerous predications and market analysis and how the year is set to bring about some interesting changes and a host of trends that has all the potential to change the course of action in the following months. Now, with the new things such as mobile maturity, Hadoop growth, better text analysis and incorporation of the Internet of Things (IoT) into analytics, making their presence has made the scenario all the more interesting.

Enhanced BI & Mobile Devices

Mobile business intelligence has been making a lot of buzz since a couple of years now. However; it seems that the expectations have actually translated well into reality. In fact, many industry pundits have observed that the trend has reached a point where mobile requirements are getting priority and accordingly some basic changes are made for implementation of the BI. As a matter of fact, a steep growth in the overall progress has become a normal thing; which according to many, may strengthen the hands of sales and field service personnel. It gives the employees who are constantly on a move a chance to do an analysis (even if it’s not in-depth) on the road and efficiently work on with their routine duties without much hassles.

Past Year Belonged To Hadoop & So Will 2015

Yes, undoubtedly, the past year belonged primarily to the Hadoop. It is actually giving to SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence a run for its money. Hadoop has slowly and steadily gained visibility and now it has gained quite lot popularity. In fact, many experts strongly believe that Hadoop has all the potential to break-through and create a phenomenal impact in the coming days. And now with a growing wave of Hadoop related acquisitions and IPOs, it seems; the forecast will soon translate into a reality. With its presence being felt in regions across Europe and Asia; it is almost a final thing that Hadoop will take over in this year.

Analysis Of IoT

The IoT has actually transformed into a reality and no longer exists in the sci-fi movies. With thousands of devices, systems and machines connected on the Internet; generating all sort of data and making sense of this data gives an amazing opportunity to manufacturers, service providers and end users to learn more about the consumer behaviour. Apart from the IoT data, companies can effectively use the log as well as device data, which in the past were gathered in isolated silos for further analysis using special tools.

In fact, lot of recognition for enormous value of IoT analytics data has been noticed in the market, lately. This recognition is acting like a catalyst when there is rapid shift towards data processing and analytics enabling the business analysts to dig up deeper and gain insightful business data by combining structured and semi-structured data. Business Intelligence has becoming quite a popular catch in the current business world, which has largely became information-driven.