I’ve been trying to figure out what Google buzz actually is. Is it worthwhile? Is it a replacement for Twitter or Facebook?

What is Google Buzz?

At its basic, Google Buzz is a social feed integration into Gmail. It is more like Facebook than Twitter, with a lot of similarities to FriendFeed. Except that you use it within Gmail.

Google buzz is Google’s bold attempt to build a social network around its massive Gmail user base. If you got Gmail, you got Buzz.

  • Google Buzz connects to various websites providing content from around the web. Picasa,Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, and a whole bunch of other sites are aggregated.
  • Google Buzz shows thumbnails when linked to photos from sites like Picasa and Flickr. Clicking the thumbnail will enlarge the image making it easier to see.
  • Google Buzz uses the same keyboard shortcuts as Gmail.
  • Google Buzz does not have a word count limit as in Twitter.
  • Google Buzz allows for rich media posting. In other words, you can post your pictures, videos, etc straight into your feed stream.
  • Google Buzz integrates with Gmail

Problems with Google Buzz

Not independent. One of the biggest issues with Google Buzz is that I cannot use it unless I am logged into my Gmail web account. I suppose this could be a blessing and a curse. You see, my Gmail is automatically downloaded to my Outlook inbox. I have no need to login to the Gmail web site to view my emails. If Buzz was independent like Twitter, it might, I say might, be attractive.

Twitter and Facebook are just too big. There are just too many people using Twitter and Facebook. People are so used to these mediums that to drag them away from that will be a tough ask. It is just so much easier to use Twitter, with its many desktop and web clients.

Are there any Buzz Clients? What makes Twitter great is it ability to be integrated into any client app. Whether you are coding one from the ground up, or adding to an existing app. I haven’t seen any mainstream Buzz clients. Have you?

Stream not posted to Twitter. This I feel is a big mistake. Not being able to post your stream to your twitter account. Why not?

No Gmail account. If you don’t have Gmail you cant use Buzz. Will you signup with Gmail just to use Google Buzz? I doubt it.

Buzz really does not do it for me. So are you using Google Buzz? Have you tried it but given up? What are your thoughts around Google Buzz? Please let us know in the comments below, I’m dying to read what you have to say about Buzz.