One of the problems of being an outspoken advocate of something and that things goes horribly wrong, everything comes back to bite you on the ass. Regular readers know I believe strongly that the future of the cloud is mobile and that I have gone to great lengths to ensure there is a quick to access version of this site.

For whatever reason that I have yet to discover the WPTouch Pro plug in that renders a mobile version of my site has stopped working. This means that anyone who accesses my site via a smartphone or tablet sees the desktop version when the plugin is deactivated or sweet nothing if the plugin is active. A bit embarrassing really!

MobStac and bMobilize

I have logged a technic al support question on the WPTouch Pro but I have no idea how long a response will be and so I am left twiddling my thumbs wondering what the hell to do if the problem is unfixable ( this is being written last Sunday).

I have written about two services that render web sites into a mobile format – Mobstac and bMobilize – both of which make a reasonably good job of making my site look half decent on mobile device. Both sites charge a small fee for this service and while I have no objection in principal to coughing up the cash to save face, I’d rather get the plugin for which I bought for almost $50 working as it should.

The question is how long do I risk the humiliation of not having a mobile site option. Obviously it all depends on the support from the software forum but what if that is not forthcoming? Do I leave it a week? Two weeks? And then there is the process of which of the two services to go with. Both have pros and cons. I really like Mobstac’s life visitor viewing stats but then I guess I can get them with bMobilize via Google Analytics.

Fortunately the support from Brave New Code has been very good and they have requested access to the site to see what is wrong. Normally the idea of letting almost total strangers into the inner sanctum would make me go pale but from their response they are as keen to resolve this issue as I am so I will be firing off the details and see what happens.