With Facebook announcing the opening of its first data center in Asia, an 11 story building in the heart of Singapore, Asia’s role as a home for large data centers has been once again brought to the fore. Facebook’s project is estimated to cost around $1 billion and will give Facebook the ability to run their services faster and with greater efficiency. 

Singapore is home to a number of data centers, with more projects planned for the future. It is quickly becoming a premier spot for data centers. Some of the reasons for this are its strong network infrastructure, its political stability, as well as the pro-business attitude of its government.

Singapore joins many of its neighbors in racing to become the top data center location in Asia. The following are some of the largest data centers currently operating in the Asia-Pacific Region. Most of these datacenters are used for enterprise solutions as well as shared hosting.

1. Inner Mongolia Information Park

Not only does this colossal data center, spanning more than 10,700,000 ft.², take the number one spot in Asian data centers, but it is currently the largest data center on the planet. As the first cloud computing base in Asia, it is home to a cloud computing data center and houses offices, warehouses, as well as living areas for the staff on its massive property. The property and state-of-the-art equipment that comprise this data center do not come cheap. It is estimated that the Inner Mongolia Information Park, owned by China Telecom, has a price tag of approximately $3 billion.

2. China Mobile Hohot

Number two on our list is the data center in Hohhot, operated by China Mobile. With more than 7,750,000 ft.² of space, the state-of-the-art data center is a three stage facility. It maintains its competitive edge because of the cloud services it offers as well as the free cooling technologies it employs. Concentrated networking, research and development, enterprise services, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing are at the heart of the Hohhot facility. At a price tag of $1.92 billion USD, this massive data center is comprised of modules, making future expansion to this immense facility possible in the future.

3. China Mobile Harbin

The Heilongjang province is home to the third-largest data center in Asia. Harbin covers 7,100,000 ft.² and is located in an area that is renowned for its ice sculpting competitions. The cool environment and the nearby river make this location ideal for hot data centers. Its central location allows it to use fiber connections between the neighboring Asian, European, and Russian regions. With an estimated price tag of $1 billion, Harbin is the beacon of China Mobile’s telecommunications and cloud computing empire. This enormous facility consumes 150 MW of energy.

4. Range International Information Hub

Number four on our list is the Range International Information Hub. It was built in the Hebei province of China. Using 6,600,000 ft.² of space, this data center is equal in size to the Pentagon. This data center provides services for the Chinese government as well as to private enterprises. Working in conjunction with IBM and Range, this data hub serves as a center of training, business solutions, and design services. With a price tag of more than $1 billion, the data center is seen as a source of economic growth for the region as it will be an IT hub and help satisfy the ever-growing demand for mobile devices and cloud computing in the region.

5. China Unicom – Northwest

Located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, not far from its competitor China Mobile, China Unicom – Northwest boasts an impressive 6,400,000 ft.² of space. This is in addition to the 78,740 ft.² of space that will be below ground. With a price tag of $1.9 billion, this behemoth data center will be used in the promotion and development of cloud computing businesses for the Chinese telecom carrier. It will be home to an IDC data center, cloud computing, an EDC data center, a call service center, as well as a communication hub.

6. @Tokyo – Kotu-Ku, Japan

Number six on our list is the @Tokyo- Kotu-Ku, Japan data center. With 1,500,000 ft.² to its name and a prime location just minutes away from major business and financial districts, this location has the technological and geographical edge on many data centers in the region. @Tokyo has been in business for more than 15 years. The majority of the space in this data center is dedicated to caged suites, collocation racks, as well as dedicated data center real suites. A standout feature is the massive entryway designed to impress anyone who walks through its doors.

7. Tulip Telecom – Data City

In the number seven spot is the Tulip Telecom data center in Bangalore, India. With more than 9000 ft.² of space, it currently sits as the largest data center in India. With a consumption rate of 100 MW of energy, this data center is able to manage the communication networks of large businesses, including network integration and communications connectivity. Built and developed with the help of IBM and with a price tag of more than $700 million, this data center supports more than 2,000 locations in India.

8. TCX – Singapore, Malaysia

At 170,000 ft.², the TCX- Singapore, Malaysia takes the final spot on our list. High demand is forcing Tata Communications to expand its facilities. This means increasing security, communication networks, tech support, and on-site staff. Currently, this is one of the top data centers operating in the Singapore region.

There’s stiff competition among the countries in the Asia-Pacific region to be the top data center location. According to many reports, the Asia-Pacific region is set to surpass Europe in the data center market by 2021. Mobile use in the area has increased drastically, with experts predicting 22,000,845,908 TB of data will be used per month by 2021. Thanks to its infrastructure, resilience to natural disasters, and stable government, Singapore is in a favored position to take its place as a leader in the Asia-Pacific region data center market.