Not physically. Any estate agent, realtor or celebrity magazine could tell you where the really successful (business, sport, entertainment) people live. But the more important questions, is where are “their heads at”.

What makes them successful? What drives them to even greater greatness when they already have more wealth than most could dream of, or spend in a lifetime. What keeps them going to a point where they then pledge to give over 50% away before they die.

I chaired a conference in Orlando and has the pleasure of introducing and listening to another Brit, Jim Steele from Meta-Lucid I took a great deal from his session, some of which will probably be presented by me at a conference in the near future!!

Getting inside their head

But one really interesting insight was about where successful people prefer to be, emotionally. How top performers stay at the top of their game, and how they react when the lose, and where they prefer to be. It is summarised in the diagram below:

The axes are “How challenging your environment is” and “What is your emotional state”. If we look at the 4 possible places you can be;

  • EDGE: Good emotional state, challenging environment; this is where successful people prefer to spend the majority of the time
  • “PARTY”: Good emotional state, easy environment; a great place to be, but for successful people, not all the time
  • SUICIDAL: Poor emotional state, challenging environment; not a good place to be and certainly not long term
  • TREADING WATER: Poor emotional state, easy environment; this is about “existing” and making it through the day. For many people this is how they spend their time at work – a life of quiet desperation.

When researching the way that successful people think, the interviews with a number of ‘star’ in their own field (business, sports, entertainment) were fascinating. The answers and terms they used were strikingly similar; Vision, Belief, Strategy, Action were all mentioned, in that order.

Nurture or nature?

So it seems that the successful people are not born that way, but grow up with a set of beliefs and approach which enables them to be successful. But to finish, a motivational quote from Jean Paul Getty. the American Industrialist (1892-1976).