Social MediaWho Invented YouTube? 

Who Invented YouTube? 

The increasing popularity of the YouTube platform has made UK fans wonder who invented YouTube. YouTube has an interesting story behind it and a history that traces as far back as 2005. So, who invented YouTube, and what are some fun facts behind this creative video-sharing platform?

The founders of YouTube are Chad Meredith Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, who launched the application on February 14, 2005. Chad Hurley is an American media mogul and designer of the video-hosting website MixBit among other achievements. Steven Chen is YouTube’s co-founder and an American online entrepreneur. Lastly, Jawed Karim is a German American internet entrepreneur and engineer.

In this post, I’ll briefly explain what YouTube is. I’ll also take you down memory lane with a summary of YouTube’s history. Finally, you’ll discover who invented YouTube and many more, so read on to the end.

What Is YouTube?

YouTube is a popular platform for uploading, sharing, and viewing videos online. Thanks to this platform, your videos may be made and uploaded to be shared with the world. Every month, platform users spend about 6 billion hours watching videos.

The vast selection of videos available on YouTube is a big part of its appeal. In addition, there is always something fresh to view on YouTube, as an average of 100 hours of videos are posted every minute. 

Additionally, YouTube is a great place to get videos on various topics. These include cute animals, unusual methods of cooking, entertaining explanations of scientific concepts, and speedy guides to the latest fashion trends. 

Those who would like to earn an income from YouTube must learn how to increase their subscriber list. It’s also vital that they achieve certain milestones in terms of video views and overall watch time.

To do this organically, creators must upload valuable or entertaining content consistently to ensure their subscribers remain interested. But this can take a great deal of time to achieve. In fact, many channels never reach these milestones for monetization.

The best approach is to buy YouTube subscribers and views, giving your channel a slight advantage and boost. There are plenty of trustworthy services available, and they don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Take a look at our blog post on the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers for our recommendations.

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Who Invented YouTube?

There are three creators of YouTube. The three founders were acquainted with each other through their time spent working at the Internet payment service PayPal. YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim posted the first video titled “Me at the Zoo” on April 23, 2005, under the username “jawed.” Here’s more on these brilliant men:

1. Chad Meredith Hurley

Chad is a big-time American businessman who created and served as CEO of the video-hosting website MixBit. After graduating from university, he started working on the PayPal interface for eBay. The tagging and video-sharing features of “YouTube,” which Hurley oversaw as the company’s first CEO, were his primary areas of responsibility.

2. Steven Chen

Steven Chen is YouTube’s co-founder and an American online entrepreneur. His contributions to the field of communication have not made him famous, but they have had a lasting impact. He helped establish AVOS Systems, Inc. and developed the video-sharing platform MixBit. 

Even after ten years in the spotlight, his ground-breaking research keeps him at the forefront of his field. Currently, he is located in San Francisco, California, where he helps Google Ventures discover and finance cutting-edge new technologies.

3. Jawed Karim

Jawed Karim is a German American internet entrepreneur and engineer. He also made history by posting the first “Me at the zoo” video on YouTube. 

By September 11, 2018, over 54.6 million people had seen the 19-second video of Karim in the San Diego Zoo. He also has other ventures, which he is known for as a successful businessman.

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Indeed, the platform is presently owned by Google Inc. and has been faring well for the company for years. So, whenever you wonder who invented YouTube, it’s time to appreciate the hard work and brilliance of these young men.


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