Social MediaWho Unfollowed Me On Instagram?

Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram?

If someone has recently unfollowed you on Instagram in the UK, you might wonder, “Who unfollowed me on Instagram?”. One billion people use Instagram monthly, making it the most popular photo-sharing platform.

Like many other social media platforms, Instagram also gives the option to follow anyone. However, sometimes you might lose followers and want to find out who unfollowed you. So, how to do so?

Observing your followers on Instagram and specific users can help determine who unfollowed you. The “following” section of your Instagram profile can tell you whether or not your followers are still following you if your follower count drops. You can also use apps like Follow Meter and Follow Cop to learn who has unfollowed you.

Still not sure who decided to unfollow you? Let’s delve deeper into the methods you can use to find out and answer the question, “Who unfollowed me on Instagram?”.

Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram?

1. Manually Checking

You can determine who unfollowed you on Instagram by observing your followers and specific users. If your follower count drops, you can verify whether or not the specific users who were following you are still in your following list through the “following” section of your Instagram profile.

Though it is time-consuming and inefficient, especially when your followers fluctuate frequently, it is still worth it. However, tracking your followers and unfollows is far more convenient with a tool specialising in doing so.

2. Using Follow Meter

You can also use Follow Meter to find out how popular your Instagram account is and how many people have unfollowed you. You can also find out how many secret admirers and ghost followers you have.

After downloading and installing the Instagram app, it will ask you to sign in via your Instagram account. In your dashboard, you can see who has unfollowed you, who you’ve followed, and who hasn’t followed you back. 

Most users praised Follow Meter for adapting well to changes in Instagram API, allowing them to see who unfollowed them.

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3. Using Follow Cop

Follow Cop is an excellent follower tracking app for Android users that you’ll want to check out. The app shows who unfollowed you, ghost followers, and top likers.

Using Follow Cop also makes managing your followers easier than using the Instagram app. This app allows you to mass unfollow 15 users at a time, identify fake followers with filters, and operate multiple Instagram profiles simultaneously. 

It is possible to unfollow 15 people with the free version at a time. A fee applies for unfollowing 200 users simultaneously.

Benefits Of Knowing Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Those with a personal Instagram profile may want to know if a friend or acquaintance unfollowed them. And upon finding out, they might be able to approach that person to find out why. People often unfollow others by accident, so it’s always a good idea to speak to the person before assuming the worst.

But when using Instagram for business purposes, knowing who unfollowed you is a useful metric. With the above method, you’ll be able to tell who and how many people unfollowed you. And you may be able to correlate this with a specific post, story, or reel.

Therefore, it’s a helpful tool for determining what types of content your audience doesn’t enjoy or agree with. This way, you can avoid posting content like it in the future.

You might also want to keep track of who unfollows you if you’ve just purchased an Instagram follower package. Packages like this are easy to come by, and there are multiple reputable providers offering genuine followers. 

Knowing how to see who unfollowed you is important when checking that the service you’ve paid for is up to snuff. To avoid being scammed and compromising your account, we’ve compiled a list of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.

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Because Instagram has tightened its API for security purposes. Most third-party apps and websites are used to allow you to check who unfollowed you. But they can no longer access a user’s followers due to the API. Instagram’s API changes are possible reasons you can’t use such apps to see who unfollows you. 

Fortunately, there are still some third-party apps, such as Follow Cop and Follow Meter, that can help. Hopefully, now you have an answer to your question, “Who unfollowed me on Instagram?”


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