In the digital world, businesses have a tremendous range of tools at their disposal to help them to work more efficiently and productively. The challenge for many business owners, without being technology experts, is understanding how particular tools can be used to improve their business. When resources are tight and the range of options out there is almost limitless, it’s also difficult to know which assets to invest in.

One type of technology with potential that’s little understood is video conferencing. We’re not talking about desktop webcams and tiny speakers; we’re referring to the business-grade video conferencing tools that can revolutionise the way you communicate with clients, employees, partners and other stakeholders. While the cost of this technology may put smaller businesses off, the ability to rent video conferencing equipment is making this innovative technology much more accessible.

But why are businesses failing to make the most of this type of technology? The answer is that many business owners do not appreciate the diverse and powerful ways video conferencing equipment can be used. Here are just a few of the potential applications.

Board Meetings & Team Collaboration

This type of technology delivers a giant leap in sound and picture quality when compared to more traditional alternatives and can make board and team meetings more engaging and collaborative. With a wide angle camera that can capture everyone involved in the meeting and a powerful 360-degree microphone, everyone can be seen and heard. That means proper meetings can be held rather than just one-to-one chats. There are also features that allow you to send high-resolution multimedia presentations alongside a video feed to deliver a more powerful message.

Video Job Interviews

The cost of recruitment is typically very high with agency fees, time-consuming interviews, training costs, induction programmes and the lost productivity all to factor in. In fact, research has shown that the true cost of recruitment for a single position is around £30k. One way to reduce the cost of recruitment and speed up the process is to hold video interviews with prospective candidates.

This allows you to interview applicants from all over the world. Interviewing non-local candidates over the phone is not only expensive, but it can also be extremely ineffective. After all, with 55 percent of any message conveyed through nonverbal communication, you’ll be missing out on a huge amount of information about that candidate. This can lead to you making an expensive wrong decision. Video conferencing technology can give both parties a much more realistic interview experience and provide more insight into the character of an applicant.

Face-To-Face IT Assistance

As any business owner will know, the assistance of an IT technician, whether it’s an in-house expert or outsourced provider, is a necessity and not a luxury. Rather than calling out a specialist team, video conferencing tools are a great way to get the assistance you need instantly, with the IT team able to provide quick support to multiple employees remotely. This can reduce the amount of time your team is out of action and help to improve productivity.

Efficient Reporting

Reporting on the performance of departments and teams is an important part of every growing business as it empowers those further up the chain to make better decisions and allocate resources effectively. However, in extremely busy workplaces, regular reporting meetings are the first thing that’s likely to be cut from the schedule in favour of higher priority tasks. That can leave gaps in management information and lead to decisions being made without the most relevant data. With video conferencing technology in place, meetings can be set up at a moment’s notice and be held quickly and efficiently. This allows departments and teams to impart the necessary information without rearranging their schedules or reducing productivity.

Is your business making the most of video conferencing technology? If not, why not? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.