Sitting at the keyboard typing away has almost become mundane and robotic. I do research, jot down some ideas then start typing whatever is in my head. Then go over that and fine tune it.

As I was looking at what to write about it suddenly occurred to me to ask the question; Why do people blog? What is their motivation? Why did they start their blogs and has the focus changed over the years.

I started my blog for three reasons:

  1. Direct more traffic to my Web site
    2. Unload programming knowledge that is exploding in my head
    3. Learn about blogging and then pass that knowledge on to others

Yes money was always on my mind. Could I make a reasonable living out of this? How long will it take me? How much could I earn. How much work will it take? I blog because I love it. I like helping others. I love sharing what I know. I love to teach. I get a thrill when someone comments on a post to say that they really enjoyed the post, or that it was a great help to them.

So I’m keen to know what got you started in the world of blogging? What was your motivation? What motivates you now? Have your goals and focus changed from when you first started? Where you motivated by money? Are you still motivated by money? How is that going then? Let me know in the comments, I’m dying to read what you have to say.