As a project manager, your job is to make sure that every single daily operation within your company runs smoothly in order to reach all the set objectives and goals. You need to make sure that all the resources are allocated properly and all kinds of delegated tasks are completed with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, just to identify few of the things you are responsible for. 

You need to follow the schedule, keep track of all the deadlines and report it to your superiors and other stakeholders, which can be more than overwhelming sometimes, especially when you are running several projects at the same time. This is exactly why you need to have filters in your project management tool, considering that you have actually utilised a particular type of task management software. If you haven’t, you should do it right away, because project management tools are designed to help you make your job easier and more effective.

Filters in the project management tools are available to make sure that you always have exactly what you need right there at your fingertips. With filtering, you will be able to stay on top of your every project, so take a look at the reasons why you need it.

Display Specific Bits Of Information

When you add filters to every single task within your project, you will be able to view only a particular type of information whenever you need it, instead of searching through all of the tasks in order to find something specific. This is especially important when you are working on several projects at a time, or when a particular project includes a large portion of tasks and milestones.

With the use of filters, you can choose to display only the specific information you need and hide rest of it. You can also use highlights while adding filters, which means applying a different colour to every filtered task, so it can be easier for you to see what’s what.

Keep Track Of All The Tasks That Are Due Soon

You certainly know that it is absolutely paramount to keep a track of all the deadlines, just in case you don’t miss any and cause a project failure. Using filters in your project management tool will help you to stay on top of your projects and it will let you see all the tasks that are due soon with a simple click of a mouse.

With filters, you can check all of the assigned tasks and see when they are due (today, this week, this month), as well as which ones are overdue. You can also check who they are assigned to, so you can stay in a loop and notice who is working on what task at the given time. Your team members can also view the filters and see exactly what needs to be done and when.

Apart from checking the ongoing tasks and all the assignees, you can also check the status of the tasks and see which ones are active, which ones have been deferred or even canceled, and which ones are already completed. There are many more filters that you can use, and you can even create custom ones, but these are definitely the most important and useful filters as they certainly give you a good idea of why you should use them.

Evaluate Your Team’s Performance

Filters in your project management tool can also help you greatly to evaluate how your team members are performing so you can properly address any potential problem and help them become more efficient and productive.

You can create performance reports at the end of every week, for an instance, since that amount of time is perfect for evaluating the performance of your team. You will be able to see some real results and, more importantly, you will be able to implement some changes if anything goes wrong, since one week is a time frame short enough to do so effectively.

In order to create the reports, all you need to do is select the filters “completed” and “this week”, and choose all the assignees. You will instantly see who has completed everything within the given deadlines and who had a bit tougher time in handling the things. With that kind of knowledge, you can properly address your team members’ strengths and weaknesses and build a much stronger team that will significantly contribute to the success of each and every project.

Never Forget About The Backlogged Tasks

When you are burdened by work and have a number of different projects, where every single one of them contains many milestones and tasks, then it is not unusual for numerous tasks to stay unassigned for a quite some time. You may have a lot of planned tasks that are yet to be assigned, as well as a lot of backlogged ones that are waiting for the perfect moment to enter the scene.

With filters, you will never forget about the backlogged tasks, as you can easily look through them whenever you want and pull out those that are very valuable at a particular moment. That way, you will mitigate every risk of project failure and ensure that every milestone is completed with flying colours.

These are the most vital reasons why you need to start using filters in your project management tool. As you can certainly see, they will make your daily operations much easier and more effective, as you and everyone else involved in your projects will have a clear insight on what and when needs to be done so every task can be completed in the best possible way.