If you’re looking to move your business to the cloud, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about Google Apps. But why specifically should you choose Google Apps?

Since Google first introduced Google Apps in 2006, its cloud computing services have been unmatched. With a platform tailored specifically to the needs of businesses of all sizes, Google Apps for Business, the benefits that come with making the switch to Google Apps are infinite.

Google Apps Easy To Use

First and foremost, Google Apps is easy to use. Many people already use and love Gmail, Google’s email system, for their personal accounts, so why not provide them with the same service at work?

The Google Apps for Business suite includes features such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Video, Google Groups, and Google Cloud Connect, all on a domain unique to your company. For those that already use Gmail at home, and even for those who don’t, making the switch to Google Apps should be easy thanks to the system’s intuitive operations.

Switching to Google Apps will eliminate your employees’ concerns about forgetting files at the office or losing work time during travel. Because the entire Google Apps suite is hosted entirely in the web browser, users have mobile access to their accounts and all the information linked to it. This means that users can open their accounts in any location on any web-enabled device.

Improved Collaboration Capabilities

Google Apps for Business has taken collaboration to an entirely new level, and its improved collaboration capabilities are a function you won’t be able to believe you ever lived without. With Google Apps’ universal access and sharing features, multiple users can access Google Docs to edit the same document simultaneously from any location.

Additionally, features like Google Sites and Google Groups work to enhance the communication between groups of people working together. Google Sites allows users to easily create websites or intranets to put all information for group projects in a central location and Google Groups enables users to send emails and share files with a group, rather than adding each individual.

Time is valuable for businesses, and with Google Apps’ 99.9% uptime guarantee, you never have to worry about losing time to system failures again. And Google Apps for Business is even more secure than it is reliable. All Google Apps platforms are verified in third-party SAS70 Type II audit, ensuring that all information stored in Google Apps accounts is completely secure.

Google Apps Marketplace

If you’re concerned that your business won’t be able to afford all these benefits, don’t be. Google Apps for Business is sure to fit your budget at a cost of $50/user/year. This low price puts the Google Apps for Business suite ahead of other cloud computing services.

While Google Apps for Business comes standard with countless tools to benefit your business, you can always find more specialized tools to add onto your service in the Google Apps Marketplace. Thanks to the Google Apps Marketplace, the possibilities of your Google Apps for Business suite are endless.

With all that Google Apps has to offer your business, why not use Google Apps for Business?