If you are not aware of it Klout is a service that measures your social media influence and there has been a bit of a furore because Klout recently changed its metrics and how it assigned rankings to people.

In this shuffle my Klout score dropped from 56 to 46 and I don’t think I was alone in being social devalued but hey. Then I started to think about it.

Spamming The Twittersphere

If you set yourself up as the arbiter of social worth then it is better to get your background ranking system in order before you start changing horses in midstream. Also, if you didn’t tweet for a period your score dropped beyond what I felt to be fair.

For example, if I went on holiday and didn’t interact in any way with my online social world, by the time I get back my ranking will have dropped from a mid range social specialist to a social pariah. Just because I took a break. Something not quite right there.

It also appears that if you use as many automated tweet services as possible and scammed the Twittersphere with hundreds of tweets per day then that person’s Klout score would be considerably higher than someone who was more ethical and selective.

Now Klout wasn’t that important to me but if I was counting on it from a business perspective and that change really started to screw up my perceived online value then I would have more than a tad miffed.

So I bit the bullet and deleted my Klout account and didn’t even get a “sorry you are leaving” email – poor online social manners in my book.

Maybe I am thick!

Following on from Klout there is the very distinct possibility that I am totally thick and cretinous when it comes to social media. For some time now my Twitter following – which is not very impressive – averaged out at around 600 followers.

For some reason in the last month or so that has risen to more than 900 and is increasing quickly each week. There is no explanation that I can think of for this rise. Maybe it was something to do with my Klout score and now I have deleted that account my followers will abandon me 🙂