Cloud based servers are quickly gaining popularity in today’s business world. This is because cloud storage limits the possibility of the user’s important information being lost permanently. Cloud storage can be used to back up not only files and documents, but also software and other programs.

Why is cloud backup safer than other data backup?

  • The backup process is now automated, eliminating the problem of user error
  • In the event of a natural disaster, important data is still saved in a safe, accessible location
  • In the event of a server or computer crashing, data recovery is a simple task
  • With online backup, data is stored in more than one location, making it almost impossible to lose access to that data altogether
  • When data does need to be restored, the user has access to immediate support

There is a lot of flexibility available to business owners when it comes to cloud backup as opposed to more traditional backup options. Using cloud servers can save a company money because they will not need to store their important data on the job site. It is stored at an offsite location and the companies that provide the storage also monitor the servers. Companies can also choose how much storage space they want and by only paying for the space they use, can cut down on the cost of data storage.

Cloud storage guide

When an individual or company is shopping around for a particular cloud storage service, they often find that many of the storage service companies have a guide that explains the ways in which their service can protect the user’s important data. Users can review their options with a particular company to determine if they offer what the user is looking for before they decide to purchase storage space from that company.

One important way in which cloud storage is now safer is that the storage companies provide the proper level of SSL Encryption. Experts recommend users get a minimum of 128-bit encryption to ensure that any passwords, files and other credentials are protected once they have been uploaded. This guards that personal information from being accessed by hackers and other Internet thieves.

SSL encryption

SSL (Secure Socket Layers,) encryption offered through a cloud-based server uses software to protect the information stored within the cloud.This means that uploaded files can only be accessed by the user who uploaded them, providing them safety, security and peace of mind. SSL also protects information such as payment data used for online purchases and money management.

Although there are many options, and deciding on the service that is right for you can get confusing, online backup is crucial for both individuals and companies that want to make sure their sensitive data is well protected. As cloud storage is used more in managing all departments of a business, IT companies will continue to strive for improvements in data storage and security.