Have you considered adding products to your business as a means of either better serving your customers or generating additional income? Dropshipping is an excellent way to do both! In fact, there are several compelling reasons to consider adding drop shipping to your business plan.

Dropshipping is not only easy to use, it’s easy to add it to an e-commerce strategy. There are many guides to check out that gives you detailed information on how dropshipping works. What most people don’t realise is that dropshipping isn’t a get rich quick scheme but requires hard work and dedication.

  1. Dropshipping is not an “all or nothing” business. While some people use dropshipping exclusively to provide products to their customers, some use it as a supplement. You can start with just a few products without a huge undertaking of time or a steep learning curve. Remember that there are other ways to get products to your catalog such as establishing relationships with distributors, buying products on sale, etc.
  2. Dropshipping is a great way to add value to your existing business. For example, if you’re a personal trainer who helps people get in shape both at the gym and through a series of articles and social media posts, it might make sense to offer fitness equipment, workout clothes, and other gear on your website. This way your readers don’t have to go searching the web for these products and can buy them directly from your online store.
  3. There’s no inventory to buy or store. With dropshipping, you place orders for goods as your customers buy them. This means that you do not have to use your own money to buy products that may or may not sell. Remember that when choosing your products it’s important to write high quality and unique product descriptions for each product you decide to sell. This will help you outrank other websites in search engines.
  4. The dropshipper does the heavy lifting. Once your customer orders and pays for an item, you then do the same via your dropshipping account. Though you act as a middle man, you never come in contact with the product itself. Instead, the dropshipper ships the order directly to your customer which in turn saves you time and money from having to pack and ship each product. With this time and money you save think of other ways that you can market your business.
  5. Dropshipping can become a new revenue stream for your existing business. Whether you already sell products or not, dropshipping can become a new revenue stream. You can use dropshipping to test out new categories of products to carry without risk and without capital. For example, if you think your customers would likely purchase high-end electronics but hesitate to invest in the latest expensive gadgets that may be obsolete within weeks, dropshipping allows you to offer products you might not otherwise consider.

Still wondering if dropshipping is right for your business? Many drop ship companies offer free trials that you can sign up for before you make a single payment.