Technologically speaking, we live in fast moving times. One of the hottest trends engulfing the business world is “the bring your own device” revolution. According to Gartner Research, “at least 50 percent of enterprise email users will rely primarily on a browser, tablet or mobile client instead of a desktop client by 2016.”

Secure cloud storage backup is critical

Security is one of the three main points that need to be addressed when choosing a cloud storage option. Also according to Gartner, 25 percent of PC users are experiencing data loss every year, making secure cloud storage back up absolutely critical. This is just one reason why using the cloud is essential in business; the other two, space and cost, are just as important and simply cannot be overlooked. Storage capacity in the cloud is virtually unlimited.

Managing growth

Since cloud resources are elastic and scalable, you can tap resources and increase capacity to support growth and handle busy periods. One of the more challenging aspects of running a business is predicting what resources your business will need. You need to be able to exploit opportunities without needlessly overspending.

Simply react to growth instead of predicting growth

Rather than having to predict your needs, you can calmly react to needs as they arise and use only what is required to manage your growth and enhance efficiency. If a client or project demands increased collaboration, you can access collaboration tools on demand and without advanced planning. Your flexibility increases when you work in the cloud because your ability to react has greatly improved.

Lower IT costs

Both large and small companies can reduce IT costs by converting to the cloud. If you’re a small business currently employing more than a few people in your IT department you’re probably doing far too much yourself. By transitioning into the cloud with a virtual location that provides its own tech support, you can probably trim down your IT investment significantly.

Companies are redefining their data centers

In a recent interview with Rodney Rock, Canadian Datacenter Cloud Specialist at VMware, Rock made the following observations: “We have been seeing an interesting trend that organizations are really looking to take advantage of redefining what they are calling their data centers today… data centers are becoming more and more service oriented…. some of the big points that organizations are looking at are: how do I optimize that and how do I automate that and a simple answer to that is looking at virtualization and looking how we can take advantage of infrastructure as a service and as a delivery mechanism and to reduce cost.” (See his interview here). During the interview Rodney also talked about the growth of private cloud in Canada.

Cloud computing offers flexibility

Cloud computing is essential in business because it provides so much flexibility. It enables companies to access software and services that are delivered over the Internet from any location, through nearly any device. It is clearly changing how business operates. It empowers companies to respond to opportunities quickly with fewer resources and significantly less financial outlay. It offers a secure storage backup solution. It also lowers IT costs while allowing companies to redefine their data centers to be more service oriented and it does all of this while enabling you to manage growth.