I believe there are only two options for social media professionals in their choice of which tools will do the job, not just now but into the future. Here I will explain why I feel HootSuite is currently best suited to that task.

It must be stated at the outset that most of the really useful marketing tools are only in the paid for pro version which will cost you the princely sum of $6 a month plus $15 per additional user. There is an enterprise edition but at $1500 a month I’ll leave you choking on your coffee and continue in small business mode!

HootSuite, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare

At a very basic level HootSuite is not that much different from any other third party Twitter client. It sends tweets, receives, tweets, allows you to schedule tweets, lets you create channels for monitoring purposes, facilitates a multitude of tabs so you can track your tweets, mentions, direct mails sent and received … and so on.

It’s a case of “the answer is yes, what’s the question?”You are not just limited to Twitter, you can run social media campaigns from within HootSuite using Facebook and Foursquare. The latter is a vital addition because although geo-location marketing isn’t big news now it will be growing in importance in the years to come.

Whereas the likes of Tweetdeck are build pretty much for solo use HootSuite has been developed as a team tool allowing access to multiple users from within your organisation. You can find out more on empowering your team on this HootSuite blog post.

HootSuite has been created with the most important TLA (three letter acronym) in the sales and marketing world – ROI or return on investment not only in mind but right up there in the frontal lobe.

It’s all very well some bright young thing in the marketing department saying that social media is the way to go but if you are ploughing resources and cash into a social media campaign you want to know that investment is being invested wisely and paying dividends.

Reports and scheduling

HootSuite permits you to create a number of reports so the various campaigns can be analysed and fine tuned. You don’t just get a set of standard templates, Hootsuite allows you to personalise your report titles, insert your company logo and much more.

If your organisation runs a large number of campaigns it is easy to plan, implement and track that campaign through a new calendar facility which provides an easy to view visual of what is happening when and where. Again more details can be found on this HootSuite blog.


HootSuite is not just a Twitter client it is a fully featured marketing tool to ensure that your organisation ekes every useful slice of information from your social media campaigns. It may be difficult for the self employed to justify going for a pro version even for such a low entry price level but any small to medium sized organisation will be falling short if they don’t cough up the cash.