Windows Phone 7 has revived the fight for the mobile market. iOS and Android have had the lions share of the market for a while, but that is changing with Windows Phone 7.

Here are a few ways in which Windows Phone 7 is the future and is bringing the fight to the market.

1. It’s interactive

Windows Phone 7 uses an interaction model it calls “live tiles and hubs,” which displays your key contacts and modes of communication as dynamic tiles on the home screen. The static icons on iOS and Android are outdated. Nokia: Apple iOS and Android are “outdated”

2. It’s social

There is no argument here, social networking is the bees knees right now. No mobile phone, other than Windows Phone 7, interacts with your friends, contacts and social networks like Windows Phone 7. With live feeds from your social networks, contact sms’, it can all be found in one place.

3. It has a larger development market

Everyone will tell you that apps will either kill or boost Windows Phone 7. There are continuous comparisons with the Apple and Android market place. But hold on a minute, Windows phone 7 is but a babe. There is huge potential here. With millions of Visual Studio and windows developers out there, the market place will soon grow to something bigger than what we could imagine. You don’t have that kind of pool in either iOS nor Android.

4. It has awesome games

Forget Angry Birds or Sonic, how about full on Xbox action on your phone? Windows Phone 7 is not only an awesome business platform but it rocks mobile gaming as well. This is a big plus for Microsoft.

5. Business email

Link and synchronise all your email accounts in one. The iPhone does have Exchange support but the Android does not offer Active Sync. Windows Phone 7 offers multiple exchange account synchronisation, which is excellent for business users. Don’t forget there are still a lot more people running Exchange emails than Gmail or Apple Mail or Blackberry mail.

6. It has hubs

Hub feature is something distinctive with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. You can keep your communities and friends on your device with the hubs. You can share multiple files and documents with them quite easily. You have different hubs for different applications, whether that be contacts, gaming, applications etc, there is a hub that nicely groups and organises all that for you.

What do you think? Does Windows Phone 7 have a chance to challenge the current market leaders? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.