With the advancement in the field of technology, and the infinite expanse of the internet, it has become imperative for organizations and businesses to develop a prominent web presence. Even companies that still operate primarily as a physical storefront are discovering that their survival is highly dependent upon their ability to rank well in organic searches on topics that are relevant to the services or products that they offer.

Depending on the SEO expert, a number different approaches to building a strong search engine ranking for websites will be suggested; however, there is a consensus among these experts that advanced link building techniques play a significant role in the SEO process.

1. The Google Enigma

When it comes to search engine domination on the internet, it is no question of who is preeminent in that area — Google. With Google having so much influence on what turns up in user searches, it is important to understand what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to Google. Simply having a high volume of link placements will no longer work with all of the new algorithms that Google has implemented over the last five years. In fact, the wrong type of linking strategy can do more harm than good.

Certain linking techniques, such as bookmarking, article submissions and directories are no longer effective, in many occasions, causing website owners to incur penalties from Google. However, quality backlinks are still performing well, being key in building a strong search engine ranking. When companies like Applioque set out to improve their SEO results, they decided it was best to use the services of an experienced internet marketing company to handle their SEO.

2. Trust, Authority & Relevancy

Google’s primary goal is to ensure that search results produce what searchers are looking for, so it is imperative the they reduce the amount of search engine spam that users encounter during organic searches. The formula that they have come up with involves a combination of three primary elements that include relevancy, trust and authoritative websites — meaning that users will like find a site that will provide valuable, relevant and trustworthy information that is related to their search.

What this means for the average business is that they must not only have links to other sites, but those sites must be relevant to the search topic and trustworthy. Linking to poor sources can end up hurting the ranking of the business site significantly.

3. Understanding Relevancy

When the term “relevancy” is used in relation to SEO, it speaks to the level in which it relates to a specific topic. In other words, sites that work to rank with certain keywords, but have no relevant content that the searcher would consider valuable are no longer good backlink sources. When a person conducts a search, they need to land on a page that will provide them with what they are looking for, or at the very least, point them in the right direction. This means that the business site owner must not only have relevant content on their site, but they must link to sites that are relevant.

4. Trust Is Also Important

Trust is an immensely important component in building relationships, and Google understands this. They work very hard to build long-term relationships with their users, which ensures customer loyalty and brand performance. Instead of looking to build link volume, business owners should look to find ways to build trust by linking to sites that deliver what they promise. Another way that businesses must build trust is in creating quality content on their own site that consistently delivers. Good sites to link to are .gov, .org and .edu, as well as linking to high authority sites that provide trustworthy content with references.

5. Using Resource Links

Google gives a lot of gravity to resource links, because it is the method through which many people check and validate information. It will be important to connect to resource links that are relevant to the services or products being provided. Additionally, it will also be important to ensure that there is some type of uniqueness about the resource links that sets the site apart from similar sites. Using the right link building techniques can have an immense impact on a company’s capacity to build a powerful search engine ranking and sustain it over the long term.


Anthony Yap

Anthony Yap is the founder of digital marketing agency eBusiness Masters, a Seattle-based firm. Together with his dedicated team of seasoned Internet marketing veterans, they propel businesses both locally and nationally, to new heights with proven online marketing strategies.