WinZip Computing today announced that the newly released WinZip Courier application now supports popular Webmail clients running on Internet Explorer (IE). Now integrated directly into IE, the new update to WinZip Courier promises a “seamless experience” when compressing and encrypting attached files sent from Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail e-mail accounts.

In addition to its support for Microsoft Outlook 2010 (32-bit), 2007 and 2003, WinZip Courier now integrates directly into Internet Explorer to automatically zip e-mail attachments with optional password protection and image resizing features. Sadly, no other browsers are currently supported.

To use WinZip Courier, users simply create a message, attach files as usual, and click “Send.” Working behind the scenes without requiring any extra steps, WinZip Courier compresses the attachments into a single, small package before sending the e-mail, so recipients get one Zip file attachment.

“Sending large files is always a time-consuming task, whether they’re sitting in your outbox in Outlook or you’re using a Webmail client and have to sit and watch as each file tediously uploads,” said Patrick Nichols, President of WinZip.

“Now, with the latest update to WinZip Courier, users can enjoy the power of speedy and secure email attachments when sending a big presentation from their corporate Outlook account or a great photo to a friend from Webmail. With WinZip Courier, we’re helping people be as productive and efficient as possible–since there’s no doubt, we can all benefit from faster email.”

A single license of WinZip Courier can be used across multiple e-mail accounts on the same machine. Users can also use automatic zipping and optional encryption to send files in Outlook, as well as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail Webmail systems running on IE, making WinZip Courier suitable for both business and personal use.

This is a free update to the recently released WinZip Courier product, which is available in English in various markets worldwide with a suggested retail price of £21.95. Discounted upgrades are offered for owners of previous versions of WinZip E-Mail Companion. Enterprise multi-user licensing options are also available.