You might not think it looking at my photo, but I have three young children at home. 2.5, 1.5 and 0.5 years old. As you can imagine, as soon as I get home from Keboko the mayhem starts – toys everywhere, stones brought in from the garden, nappies need changing, Matilda hasn’t eaten her supper, Monty wants to jump off the top of the sofa and Herbie is screaming for his next feed. My poor wife looks at me and you can quickly see who has had the harder day!

I’m sure this scene is replicated across millions of households across the world! ”Why did we rock the boat – we could have been on holiday in the Maldives!” we will often say to each other! Of course you wouldn’t change anything, but you do have to work out a solution for this hurricane in the house.

For us it was simple – our core objective was to spend as much time with the children as possible, helping them to grow up as smiley and helpful little people. We therefore outsourced anything that was non-core to this objective.

Cleaning: We have a cleaner once a week for a couple of hours to do the jobs we haven’t had time to do – the bathrooms, running the Dyson around, emptying some bins. This is something we used to do all the time, but just can’t get to at the moment.

Ironing: We have a local ironing company come every other week and pick up our shirts for ironing. This is a real cloud model. They have the professional kit at their depot and can iron our shirts to a much higher standard and for a much lower cost (equating our time with money) than we could do ourselves. Shirts arrive back the next day on hangers and in wrappers.

Veg Box: We use a local Veg Box scheme which delivers every Friday. We don’t need to decide what to buy each week as they provide what is in season. This saves us a huge amount of shopping time, and petrol.

Grocery Delivery: For all of our other supplies we order online in the evening and have it delivered the next day. Someone else does the picking, and the supermarket in question has all of our ‘favourites’ stored online so it is simple to scroll down the list…tick, tick, tick, done.

(We do still go to a local butcher every Saturday because we love them and their food and the children love going to see the Sausage Man!)

Using these four outsourced or cloud services has freed up many hours of time during the week for my wife and I to spend with the children – our core objective. Yes we could do all of these jobs ourselves (and indeed we did before the hurricane arrived) but it makes sense for someone else to do them better and at lower cost.

When you look at your business you need to decide what the core objective is. To sign more clients, to get each client to buy more, to get clients to pay quicker. Anything that is non-core to this is ripe for moving to the Cloud where it can be delivered better and at lower cost. Email, CRM, Support Desk, Accounts, HR, Expenses….the list goes on.