In case anyone ever doubted it, it should be said that frustrations with work are alive and well. In a recent study done by ABN AMRO Commercial Finance, tech failures have been cited as the most common workplace frustration. About 53% of small business managers said that including incompatibility issues, outdated software, email and internet failure are a big work place frustration.

In another study (not specific for small business), conducted by ECigaretteDirect, IT problems like internet and e-mails not working were also at the top of office frustrations list. If there is one thing that a business owner doesn’t want in the work environment, its simple, fixable frustrations like email.

One solution that may help businesses lessen the IT frustrations of their workers is investing in reliable, high-quality servers for running IT infrastructure (including email and internet). In addition, server redundancy can reduce the amount of downtime that employees may experience and help ease their IT-related pain.

Though IT departments may work as hard as they can to make sure the technology they have is up and running at all times, sometimes a better move may be to change or update the product. There are several options out there with regards to other email solutions.

The second most stressful thing that workers face according to the ECigaretteDirect study is having an unrealistic workload. This is stressful because no matter how much headway an employee makes, there’s always more work to do.

In some cases workers also reported to feel that their bosses don’t understand how long it takes to do their job right which can add to the frustration. Coming in third was the bad commute to work where 18% of workers either wish they didn’t live so far from work or that they could work from home.

Around the work room only 8% of workers said that their boss was the most annoying thing about work. Nine percent of workers said it really bugs them when workers can’t show up to meetings on time because it shows a lack of respect and dedication to their job. Only 6% of workers in the study stated that the high demands of their clients are the most frustrating thing about their job.

With the rise in social media, technology, Smartphones and tablets many workers simply can’t do their work without the internet. According to the ABN AMRO study, 61% of workers say that modern technology has improved productivity and efficiency at work but 32% still believe that it has created more problems than it has solved.

In a time of so much change, it’s important that IT managers, executives and employees of all kinds don’t let irritations stop them from tackling the things that will help them succeed. There are many different systems available today that can ease the IT departments’ workload to be more manageable. Though no one piece of technology is perfect, there are some that perfectly assist in the way they are meant to.

The cloud is quickly becoming a relief to many IT departments worldwide. The business competition is growing and the demand to be able to perform quickly and efficiently is greater than ever before. Computing systems like the “Cloud” are becoming more acceptable as well as necessary when it comes to storing data and working online with more freedom in the work place. There are always going to be concerns when using newer technology, but the fact of the matter is that this technology isn’t as new as we may think.