Slow business broadband getting you down? How far would you go to fix it? According to research by BT, SMEs are unable to work effectively without broadband for more than two hours and those with slow internet connections miss out on massive efficiency savings. 

What BT probably doesn’t tell business owners quite so readily (and thanks to a link-up with the British Chamber of Commerce they’ve advised more than 1,500 in the past six years) is that if you happen to be in a notspot there’s very little you can do.

Although big community and local Government projects have had some success in terms of pressuring BT to upgrade local exchanges, it’s a long fight and not one to be taken lightly.

However, a new option for businesses is on the horizon. It’s from a new broadband provider called Hyperoptic promising speeds of 20Mb (note: not ‘up to’ 20), 100Mb or 1gig through fibre only with no need for a BT line.

The catch? To get it you’ll have to buy your own fibre line which the ISP will run into the basement of your building then direct to the office, creating a FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) connection.

Hyperoptic haven’t yet announced a pricing structure for the new deals but, given the price of fibre, set up costs are likely to be high.

“New technology standards emerge on a regular basis and keeping old or incompatible technology can be a costly mistake,” Nigel Stagg, managing director of BT Business said recently. Although bypassing BT for 1gig broadband probably wasn’t what he had in mind.