Dropping by Zoho to catch up on the latest happenings I see that they have bought out a link to Google Apps. If your organisation is using Google Apps, you can now access Google Mail, Google Docs and Google Calendar from within Zoho services, including Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects.

This gives you the ability to manage your customer interactions and appointments in CRM, collaborate, share and co-ordinate projects & tasks in Projects, while simultaneously being able to access and utilise your favourite Email and document applications.

I have always liked the fact the Zoho’s interface is more like Microsoft’s Office than Google’s somewhat Zen minimalist approach and that this would ease any migration from the desk-bound Office suite to a cloud based system.

This clever integration allows you to:

  • Keep all your customer communications and interactions in a single place. You can now track the Email activities you conduct in Google Mail inside Zoho CRM and vice versa.
  • Free yourself from the hassles of email attachments and mismatches in versions as you can directly attach files from Google Docs within Zoho Projects and Zoho CRM.
  • Be up-to-date with events that matter by exporting them to your shared Google Calendar and collaborate effectively with your colleagues.
  • Plan, track, collaborate and enjoy the benefits of Zoho Projects while at the same time having an integrated experience with your team calendar in Google Apps.
  • Quickly access and view your CRM and Projects data by embedding Projects and CRM gadgets inside iGoogle, Gmail and Google Sites.
  • Log in to Zoho services from Google’s universal navigation with your Google Apps credentials.