Social MediaHow To Lock A Facebook Profile UK?

How To Lock A Facebook Profile UK?

Looking for information on how to lock a Facebook profile UK? Users who wish to prevent their profiles from being viewed by unknown users without their consent may want to know. Facebook has unveiled a new feature called profile lock to increase user safety. Using this feature, you can restrict profile access for people who are not your friends.

Launch the Facebook app and visit your profile. Now, press the three dots and access the menu. Choose “Lock Profile” from the presented options. On the home page, select “Lock Your Profile.” When you click it, a popup message will appear saying, “Your profile has been locked.” Your timeline will only be visible to your friends.

This post will further explore Facebook privacy and how to lock a Facebook profile UK.

How To Lock A Facebook Profile UK?

Locking A Facebook Profile On Smartphone

  • Start by opening the Facebook app.
  • Open your profile. You can access your profile on the home page by tapping the profile pic.
  • Open the menu. You can access the menu by clicking the three dots.
  • From the page’s options, choose “Lock Profile.”
  • You can lock your profile by selecting the “Lock Your Profile” option on the home page.
  • After you’ve locked your profile, you’ll see a popup message saying, “You’ve locked your profile.”
  • Tap “OK” to finish.
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Locking A Facebook Profile On A PC

If you use your Facebook account primarily on your desktop, you can lock it simply by following these steps.

  • First, open any browser on your desktop, such as Google Chrome
  • The second step is to sign in using your Facebook ID and password.
  • Next, you will see the home page. 
  • After that, click on your picture on the profile page.
  • You will find three dots right beneath the Edit Profile button. Select these dots by clicking them. 
  • Upon doing so, a menu will appear with a variety of options. 
  • Select “Lock Profile” from there. 
  • A popup window will appear. Next, press “Lock Your Profile.” 

Now, you have locked your Facebook profile on your PC.

How Does Facebook Profile Locking Work?

Your Facebook friends can only view content on your timeline when you lock your profile. You can only show your full-sized profile photo and cover photo to your friends.

The “Public” setting on shared posts will change to “Friends”. Only certain “About Information” parts will be visible in your profile.

Doing this also enables the profile and tag reviews option. It will only be your friends who can see any new posts you create in your account. Your friends will be the only ones to see your posts and like them.

Locking your profile might not be the best option if you’re building a brand or a business through it. In fact, this feature will severely hamper your progress and prevent you from reaching new audiences. 

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Facebook is a fantastic tool for global communication. However, as privacy concerns continue to rise, now is the time to secure your Facebook accounts by locking them. 

Keeping your profile locked prevents hackers from accessing your data.

After you’ve locked your profile, you must re-enter all devices with your password. Facebook will show on your profile that your profile has got locked once you have done so. 

The only drawback is that when you activate this functionality, you will be unable to make your post public. Hopefully, readers now understand how to lock a Facebook profile UK.

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