BusinessBest Types Of Videos For Your Successful Ecommerce Business 

Best Types Of Videos For Your Successful Ecommerce Business 

You can hardly find a single successful ecommerce business that doesn’t use videos to promote its services online.

Not only does video serve as an affordable way of showcasing certain goods or services but it also facilitates communication and helps build trusting relationships between vendors and customers. 

Now that an average user spends almost twenty hours per week consuming video content, it would be a great omission for any ecommerce business not to capitalize on this trend.

At first sight, there’s nothing difficult about putting together an eye-catching commercial, especially now that the market is overflowing with video editing tools like video joiner, trimmers, background removers, etc. Still, when it comes to actually creating successful video content, things prove to be more complicated.

And the first obstacle that might come your way is the inability to pick a suitable type of commercial video for a certain product, marketing campaign, or even a brand as a whole. 

If you’re stuck for ideas for your first business video, you want to learn more about the most popular types of commercials and determine which one can work best for your platform or market niche. 

Brand Storytelling Commercials 

Your future customers deserve to know more about your business, as well as the real people behind it.

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If you’re promoting your new ecommerce shop or a platform, start by creating a compelling short video initiating your viewers into your brand story, business philosophy, history, values, etc.

When making such videos, you should focus not only on your goals and expectations but also establishing a warm connection with your prospects.  

Promotional Videos 

Promo videos can rightly be regarded as a staple of online business today, and for good reason. This type of video content should be your go-to if you want to convey the key benefits of your ecommerce platform, online shop, specific products, and the like.

Promo videos also enable your target audience to quickly familiarize themselves with your company and the scope of services your business offers.  

To make your promo videos as effective and compelling as possible, you want to use eye-catching visuals, relevant music, and other elements like memorable captions, video effects, and sounds.

This way, you can expand your brand awareness, woo more potential customers, and encourage your current clients to help popularize your business. 

Testimonial Videos 

We live in the digital era where opinions and customer reviews can make or break your business.

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So, if your goal is to organically boost your sales, expand your reach, and convince your audience of your reliability as a brand, you should definitely give testimonial videos a shot. 

Testimonial videos aren’t only about sharing your customers’ reviews with others. Their power lies in the ability to naturally relate the story of your customers’ purchase journeys and their experience with your brand.

As with other types of commercial videos, you should strive for visual effectiveness, conciseness, and showcasing the importance of what’s being offered.

In other words, your testimonial video should not only focus on the positives but also demonstrate how your business assisted your current clients in solving their real life problems. 

Testimonial videos can go a long way in promoting your business. They can be used as great vehicles for influencing your prospects’ buying decisions, reconnecting with past clients, and attracting new customers.  

Explainer Videos 

Gone are the times when businesses thrived on aggressive marketing. To make your ecommerce business thrive today, you should invest more time, costs, and energy in establishing meaningful relationships with your audience.

It’s important to prove your worth as a business to a potential customer and, ideally, introduce your services in a friendlier and more efficient manner than traditional advertising. And explainer videos can definitely help you with that all. 

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Educate your audience about your brand or products with informative and engaging explainer videos.

Make sure to let your audience know how your products and services stand up against others of their ilk and how your customers can benefit from using them. For this, you may also want to turn to the techniques and elements traditionally used for creating comparison videos.   

Social Media Videos

As their name suggests, social media videos are created to promote your ecommerce business specifically on social media platforms. 

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There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating this type of commercial video merely because different platforms call for a specific type of content.

But if you sift through the most popular Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter trends, chances are you’ll come up with some workable ideas for your own project.  

Put together funny, entertaining, or captivating shorts appealing to your target customers and share them with your subscribers.

Make sure to quickly introduce your topic and highlight the benefits your customers will experience if they engage with your business or start buying from you.

Once again, you should aim to create a captivating and compelling narrative that would not just advertise your business but appeal to your viewer’s wants and needs, as well as include an enticing call for action.   


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