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5 Best Sites to Buy LinkedIn Connections in 2024

Developing your network requires putting time and effort into producing exciting content and interacting with others, but this isn’t always productive. 

There is where investing in LinkedIn connections can make a big difference.

However, the availability of numerous websites providing this service makes it difficult to identify the most reliable options.

This article examines the best sites to buy LinkedIn connections.

Best Sites to Buy LinkedIn Connections

1. Media Mister

Media Mister Buy LinkedIn Connections

Media Mister is a reliable, no-frills media company that can help boost your social media profiles and professional networking opportunities.

They stand behind the genuineness of their products with a 60-day initial retention warranty and a full money-back guarantee.

The company stands out due to its extensive background and proven track record.

👉 Buy LinkedIn Connections

UK and international customers can use their low prices on region-specific products.

For everything to appear genuine and official, they employ a drip-feed system.

They have excellent customer service and a convenient chat feature for quick answers to questions and help with technical issues.

In addition, they provide a wide variety of other social media services, making them a convenient one-stop shop.

Simply choose your preferred plan and enter your LinkedIn URL to get started. Your credit card information is safe because we use secure payment processing.

You can improve your LinkedIn profile and network immediately with the assistance of Media Mister.

2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Buy LinkedIn Connections

GetAFollower is a well-known service that aims to improve users’ and businesses’ visibility on the professional networking site LinkedIn.

Their mission is to help the underdogs succeed in the competitive social media marketplace.

👉 Get LinkedIn Connections

They offer a variety of cutting-edge promotional items to help you reach your audience, and they leverage a mix of social media and technology to give you an edge.

GetAFollower stands out from the crowd because of its genuine and high-quality connections, post likes and views.

Every follower and connection they give you is a natural person with an active account.

They have a zero-spam policy, so you only interact with people who are interested in what you have to say.

They have a dedicated team of social media professionals working behind the scenes so that you can develop a social media marketing plan that is perfect for your business.

They have a money-back guarantee for your peace of mind and provide top-notch customer service through online chat during business hours.

Whenever you’re just starting on LinkedIn or looking to grow your network, GetAFollower is an excellent option for UK customers looking to buy LinkedIn connections and build a solid online presence.

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Buy LinkedIn Connections

Buy Real Media is the place to go if you want to improve your LinkedIn profile and expand your network.

They serve customers in the United Kingdom by offering a variety of promotional items at reasonable prices.

👉 Get LinkedIn Connections

Their straightforward approach to assisting users in increasing their LinkedIn presence through tutorials and guides distinguishes them from the competition.

The service has been in business for over seven years, and it’s amassed a loyal clientele due to its ability to boost the credibility of its clients’ social media profiles. 

They are an excellent choice for those who want to improve their reputation on the professional networking site LinkedIn, as they are a one-stop shop for all online branding needs.

To maximize the marketing potential of the brands’ platform, they know the significance of offering exceptional services to raise LinkedIn engagement rankings.

You can make a significant difference by purchasing LinkedIn connections or members from them.

With every order placed, Buy Real Media guarantees a quick rollout of LinkedIn connections, typically within an hour of the transaction being confirmed.

4. UseViral

UseViral Buy LinkedIn Connections

For UK users looking to expand their network of LinkedIn connections, UseViral is one of our top recommendations. 

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This social media marketing firm has existed for some time, so you know they’re legit.

They have several packages that can help you gain targeted new LinkedIn connections.

UseViral is unique because of its extensive understanding of the LinkedIn connection-buying process and its willingness to tailor their services to each customer’s individual requirements. 

As a result, you can feel secure that you are constructing a network of valuable and relevant contacts by focusing on those who share your niche and line of work.

The site has an extensive, pre-existing network of industry experts that can help publicize your profile on LinkedIn, introducing you to relevant contacts and allowing you to broaden your sphere of influence. 

So, while professionals work to promote your profile, you can relax and concentrate on making connections and the most of your broader network.

Packages are typically delivered within a few days of being placed an order.

This means that you can start reaping the rewards of your enlarged UK network almost immediately.

They are proud of the quality of their customer service, which it uses to make clients feel safe and cared for as they work to expand their professional network on LinkedIn.

UseViral is a trustworthy company because of its personable manner in business.

5. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Linkedin Connections

SidesMedia is another leading social media growth company that provides genuine, high-quality engagement across all popular social media networks.

It is different from its competitors because of its emphasis on honesty and transparency.

Whereas many businesses care only about profit, they are committed to the long-term success of their clients.

They won’t sell your information or take full advantage of you financially in any way.

UK clients receive consistent and prompt LinkedIn engagement delivery from the service.

Their functionality isn’t restricted to LinkedIn alone but extends to all aspects of your online brand’s presence.

All their work is authentic, and they guarantee delivery within three days of placing an order.

Furthermore, the website has numerous positive customer testimonials and some of the best customer service in the field to back up its features.

They also have round-the-clock availability, so you can contact them whenever you like.

With a 97% suggestion rate, it’s evident that many of SidesMedia’s clients agree that they are the most trustworthy place to purchase LinkedIn connections.

Advantages of Buying Connections on LinkedIn

As already mentioned, buying LinkedIn connections can be a great strategy, and here are some advantages of it:

Enhanced Presence and Reach

Your content is more likely to be seen by a wider audience if you have more LinkedIn connections. 

You can buy connections to develop your brand, widen your audience, and position yourself as a thought leader in your field. 

Additionally, as more people see your content, there is a higher likelihood that they will engage and interact with it, raising your visibility on the platform even more.

Improved Social Proof and Credibility

The quantity of LinkedIn connections you have can be a sign of influence and credibility when potential clients or employers view your profile. 

A large network can help you make a good impression and improve your chances of getting new opportunities.

It can also assist you in establishing your credibility and influence within the LinkedIn community.

Fast and Efficient Growth

It can take a while to establish a sizable network of LinkedIn connections, especially if you’re just starting. 

You can quickly and effectively expand your network on LinkedIn by purchasing connections, which saves you a lot of time and effort compared to interacting with other users.

Compared to other marketing and networking tactics, It can save you money because you can quickly and affordably grow your network by buying LinkedIn connections.

Improved Audience Segmentation and Targeting

You can purchase LinkedIn connections to target particular markets related to your industry or niche. 

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The likelihood of getting pertinent job opportunities or business leads can increase if you use this to build a more focused network of connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take for My Purchased LinkedIn Connections to Arrive?

Timeliness of LinkedIn connection deliveries may vary by provider.

Nonetheless, reviews and feedback from previous customers suggest that most service providers will work to get your order to you as soon as possible.

It may take some companies just a few hours to deliver the LinkedIn connections you’ve paid for, while others may take up to two days.

Most companies have an efficient customer service department to assist you if you have any problems with your order, such as a late delivery. 

When Buying LinkedIn Connections, Do I Have to Give My Password?

You shouldn’t have to give out personal information or passwords to buy LinkedIn connections or LinkedIn followers.

Legitimate businesses manually add real connections without requesting access to your LinkedIn account.

An organization’s request for your LinkedIn password to add connections, for instance, indicates that they may be engaging in questionable behavior that puts your account at risk. 

It is why it’s crucial to find a trustworthy provider to protect your data and provide the connections you require safely and securely.

How Risky Is It to Buy LinkedIn Connections?

Buying LinkedIn connections is entirely risk-free if you stick to verified services.

Authentic connections are indistinguishable from natural ones because they are real people with active and genuine accounts.

However, caution is warranted to avoid having your LinkedIn account flagged or banned for purchasing fake connections from shady sources. 

Therefore, select a provider with a good reputation that provides honest and active connections to ensure your LinkedIn profile is genuine and secure.


Getting the visibility and participation you need to promote your brand or business effectively can be difficult.

That is why it is crucial to consider buying LinkedIn connections, but you must be cautious and only work with the best. 

This list of the best sites to buy LinkedIn connections in the UK will assist you in finding dependable suppliers who provide actual, genuine connections that can help your profile develop and flourish.

Social signals like connections can make all the difference, 

So pick a trustworthy vendor, try to benefit from any free trials first, then watch your LinkedIn engagement climb.


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