MobileDoes Instagram Notify You When You Screenshot A Story?

Does Instagram Notify You When You Screenshot A Story?

Have you ever wondered: Does Instagram notify you when you screenshot a story? Perhaps you plan to take a screenshot of a UK friend’s Instagram story. But you’re not sure if they’ll get a notification. The most popular way to post content to Instagram is with stories.

You can share every moment of your day through the Instagram stories feature. But what if someone tries to screenshot your story? Will Instagram notify you?

Instagram doesn’t notify the other user when you screenshot their stories. Also, Instagram does not notify you when someone screenshots your posts or reels. However, suppose you screenshot a disappearing image or video you received via DM. In that case, Instagram lets the sender know about the screenshot.

This post will explore the ins and outs of taking screenshots on Instagram. And we’ll delve deeper into the question, “Does Instagram notify you when you screenshot a story?”.

Does Instagram Notify You When You Screenshot A Story?

Instagram doesn’t have a notification process in place for Instagram Story screenshots. Therefore, users do not receive a notification when their Instagram followers screenshot their stories. 

Due to this, Instagram users can capture screenshots of other users’ profiles without their knowledge. The company tested a feature in 2018 that lets users track who took a screenshot of their stories. 

Every time someone took a screenshot of your story during this time, a star-shaped icon appeared next to your handle. However, this feature ceased to exist after just a few months. 

Other than stories, the screenshot of a post or DM does not trigger any notifications from Instagram. As such, if a follower takes a screenshot of your static post, you won’t be able to tell.

However, whether the user shared the post or took a screenshot without you knowing, it could still help you reach more people. And that could result in more Instagram followers for your account. 

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How To Screenshot An Instagram Story Without Letting The Other Person Know?

Although Instagram doesn’t let other users see when someone screenshots their story, it’s still worth being cautious. Someone might have installed third-party software that informed them when you screenshot their story. 

Therefore, you should follow the following tricks when screenshotting Instagram stories to avoid getting caught.

  • By logging into Instagram on a computer and going to your direct messages, you can screenshot a disappearing photo or video without letting the other person know. So, taking screenshots on Instagram through a web browser does not trigger any notifications.
  • When in Airplane mode, screenshotting the disappearing picture or video won’t trigger a notification.
  • It is also possible to capture your Instagram story screen with another device anonymously without notifying anyone.


Instagram only alerts you after someone screenshots a disappearing photo or video within a private direct message thread. 

The story, post, reel, etc., does not receive notice from Instagram. When someone screenshots a disappearing photo, a small hatched circle appears next to it. 

Disappearing photos or videos are ones taken within the messaging window. If you enable replay, the second user can view the message twice, but it disappears the first time they see it. 

So, you’ll receive an alert when a screenshot occurs on the main messages page, with the message “Screenshot.” Hopefully, now you have got an answer to your question, “does Instagram notify you when you screenshot a story?”

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