Technology7 Foolproof Tricks To Make And Edit Your Video Gifts Perfectly

7 Foolproof Tricks To Make And Edit Your Video Gifts Perfectly

Photo gifts have been popular for a long time, predating digital displays and going back to framed images or curated albums.

Now, innovative DIYers are taking this gift idea to the next level with customized videos.

Making unique video gifts doesn’t require expensive recording equipment or video editing software.

Here are seven foolproof tricks for creating and editing your video gifts.

Set The Intention

First, outline the theme or intention of your video gift. Are you recapping a specific occasion or gathering a collection of cherished memories?

For example, you might make a video gift for your spouse with highlights from the past year.

Alternatively, you might make a gift for a parent for a milestone birthday with memories spanning over decades.

Setting the intention will help you determine your scope and focus when working on this project.

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Choose Editing Software

There are plenty of affordable video editing software options to choose from. You can find affordable Final Cut Pro alternatives that offer the same functionality and effects without the investment and learning curve. 

Choose something simple and intuitive to minimize stress while editing your videos.

Sort Through Footage

Sort through your footage to decide what content you could include in your video gift. You can also use static images as fillers and shots throughout the video.

Remember to make copies of videos you edit or trim to preserve the original file.

Set A Time Limit

Video gifts should generally be short and sweet. Consider capping your project at 5-10 minutes so the recipient can enjoy it with full attention. 

If you have enough high-quality, relevant recorded content to include, consider breaking your project into smaller videos.

You can create a series or two-part video gift for the recipient to enjoy concurrently.

Choose Music And Audio

Music is the cherry on top of a great video gift. However, it’s essential to be mindful of copyright laws — especially if the video will be shared publicly. 

Think about using a creator platform to find royalty-free music. If you have a popular song you want to use, research the copyright restrictions in your area for personal use.

You’ll also need to decide whether you’re including original audio or muting the original videos.

Adding soundbites is an excellent way to bring the memory to life. Music overlays can also create consistency and evoke emotions associated with the clips. Using your editing software, you can also fade in and out for some clips.

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Consider Transitions

Transitions are the shift that occurs from one video to another to smooth out the flow and prevent choppiness in your finished product.

While transitions are short, the seconds add up and impact your overall video length.

Avoid using outdated transitions like spins and stars, opting for a gentle fade effect. 

Choose A Delivery Method

Finally, determine the best way to deliver your video to the recipient. There are a few options:

  • Create a QR code on their card that leads to a private, uploaded video on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Transfer it to a USB and present it in a nice box.
  • Burn a DVD and create a custom cover.
  • Upload it to an elegant photo/video frame.

Wrapping up

Video memories are a gift that keeps on giving and a lovely way to present someone with something personal and meaningful. Try these ideas to create a gift that a dear one is sure to love. 

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