Business3 Great Apps To Improve The Whole Recruitment Process

3 Great Apps To Improve The Whole Recruitment Process

The jobs market has never been more competitive and it is therefore essential that all recruiters make use of every option available to them.

This in turn makes that search for the ideal candidate as easy and stress free as possible. One aspect that is playing an increasingly important role in the whole job hunting/hiring landscape is technology.

App tracking systems are constantly investing in new and innovative ways for candidates to present themselves better to head hunters.

Don’t forget the crucial role social media plays either and the business network LinkedIn is constantly adding more functions to its targeted job searches.

Let’s take a look at the top applicant tracking system, social network and mobile app which are helping to improve the whole recruitment process.

1. Top Applicant Tracking System

Talentsquare is a free and simple to use recruiting software allows you to manage your vacancies, candidates, advertising and even your employer brands in just a couple of clicks.

The cloud employed by Talentsquare in the key to efficiently managing your vacancies, which means that anyone who has access to your account can manage the process.

Talentsquare also allows recruiters to post job vacancies quickly and easily to many popular job sites. Another feature of Talentsquare is the ability to view data regarding your vacancy including the number of both views and applicants.

Any good ATS will make the whole candidate experience way more efficient, but Talentsquare goes that one step further and becomes an all in one service that redefines the hiring process as we know it.

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2. Top Social Network

It really couldn’t be anything else could it? Boasting over 300m members, LinkedIn is the place to manage your professional identity.

Think of a LinkedIn profile as either your CV or store front but with personality and as part of an active community.

A great way of connecting with others in your industry is through a group and these also offer a free yet valuable source of networking.

No professional should be bereft of a LinkedIn profile as it allows you to both expand your contacts and offers job seekers unique opportunities to progress in their career.

3. Top Mobile App

The Indeed mobile app provides users with free access to literally millions of jobs in thousands of companies through websites and job boards.

It is, and quite rightly so, the number one job search site in the world and every single month more than 140 million job seekers log on to Indeed seeking their perfect job.

This is perhaps the utopia of job markets from both sides of the fence. Companies who have a strong profile on Indeed will see thousands of prospective employees regularly checking in to see if there are any new vacancies that suits them while job hunters know they have a whole set of new options to check out every single day.

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