Artificial IntelligenceHow AI Chatbots Are Used In Customer Service 

How AI Chatbots Are Used In Customer Service 

The customer service department can benefit greatly from AI and automation tools. They help to improve the internal processes and also satisfy customers more easily.

An AI chatbot is an application that uses NLP and machine learning to understand human language and sentiments. 

To make customer service more efficient, you can program AI chatbots to generate answers for customers. It’s a fast and cost-effective method of providing faster support.

In this article, we’ll discuss how AI chatbots can be used to automate and improve the customer service experience.  

1. Translations

Multilingual chatbots can respond to customers in their preferred language. They are programmed to translate the default English language into other languages.

It allows you to provide customer support in diverse geographic locations or countries using multiple spoken languages.  

These AI chatbots have language detection capabilities so whenever a customer sends a message with a particular language, it can easily detect and respond using the same language.

This helps to engage those customers who prefer to converse locally or aren’t very fluent in English. 

2. Conversational Bots

A conversational bot uses artificial intelligence to simulate human conversations.

Conversational Bots

It’s usually trained by large amounts of data (text and speech) until it can understand, process, and interact with humans effortlessly. They can respond to the customers and answer their questions in real-time.

Conversational AI chatbots use automation to increase productivity and achieve operational efficiency.

They help to provide 24/7 support and personalize the customer experience. It can be placed on your website or app to assist and direct customers to information and resources. 

3. FAQs Chatbots

FAQ chatbots are designed to answer most commonly asked questions about your product or service. They can be placed on your website or customer service channels. 

The chatbot would reply to simple queries and provide straightforward answers that enlighten the customer. 

An FAQ chatbot helps to prevent your customer service team from having to deal with repetitive questions. This allows them to only focus their energy on complex queries and problems.

It also ensures that customers can receive these quick answers without having to wait for an agent. 

4. Marketing Chatbots

A marketing chatbot can be used to promote products and services being offered by your business. It can automate interactions with leads and prospects to generate sales.

A chatbot can be a virtual shopping assistant that analyzes customer purchases and make product recommendations. 

For digital service or SaaS providers, it can engage and qualify leads and then direct buyers to the sales team.

Physical stores can install a chatbot on their website so customers can book appointments anytime. The chatbots help with sales activities when agents are not available. 

5. Generative AI Chatbots

A generative AI chatbot is a form of conversational AI that can produce written and visual content.

Generative AI Chatbots

They are trained to understand patterns in large and extensive datasets in order to generate content. They learn from previous interactions and feedback to improve their responses.

A generative AI bot can handle more complex queries and provide richer responses (written tutorials, video content suggestions, comparison images, etc).

These chatbots can either be directly available to customers or solely used by support agents to generate communication materials.

6. Tech Support

Tech support chatbots are designed to answer technical questions and provide troubleshooting assistance.

They can understand customer queries pertaining to the product being offered (software or app). It’s often trained with user guides, documentation, and knowledge base articles.

The bot would converse with the customer to determine the issue and then come up with possible ways to resolve it.

Tech support chatbots may be placed on a website or on customer support channels. They are also available to agents for easy reference and much quicker responses.

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AI chatbots are programs that are capable of automating and changing how businesses engage their customers.

They ensure that customers no longer have to wait hours for a human agent to respond. They are also there to equip agents with the resources and information needed to resolve issues and close tickets as quickly as possible.

Chatbot automation helps to reduce the number of support tickets and therefore prevent agent burnout. It also helps to ensure that customers are satisfied with the experience.


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