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How To Harvard Reference A YouTube Video

Are you a UK student wondering how to Harvard reference a YouTube video for a school or university project? Perhaps, you’ve found some relevant information in an educational YouTube video and would like to point it out using Harvard referencing. What are those things you need to know, and what steps do you need to take to cite your video?

There are two instances of Harvard referencing a YouTube video. First, you can put it within your text by adding just the (channel name and date). Secondly, you can cite it in your reference list beginning with the channel’s name, (year), and video title. It would be followed with the phrase ‘Available at,’ the URL and [Accessed: ‘Your Present Date’]

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to Harvard reference a YouTube video for a brilliant school presentation.

What You Should Know About Harvard Referencing

Referencing refers to displaying research sources in a scholarly presentation. At least, that’s one way to define it. Harvard referencing is one of the ways to make such citations in your presentations. The two components of a Harvard citation are in-text referencing and using a reference list.

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In-text citations are brief references to the sources that appear in the body of your work, generally after direct quotations. On the other hand, a reference list is a compilation of all the sources you used while writing. It encompasses complete bibliographic information to help the reader track down the original work.

The Harvard system of reference relies on an author-date format. Within the main text of your project, credit your sources by listing the author(s) and the publication date. The bibliography or list of references at the end of the publication should provide further information about the source.

When referencing a specific section of a source or using a direct quote, make sure to add the page number in your reference. If the part you’re referencing doesn’t have a page number, give the relevant paragraph number.

Also, if there is no paragraph number, you can easily guide the reader to a specific section of the content.

How To Harvard Reference A YouTube Video

Though many YouTube subscribers count on a channel’s credibility, it doesn’t always apply to educational purposes. Note that the video you’re referencing must have an academic nature and be given by professionals in the field. 

Don’t assume that because the creator has millions of subscribers and views, they know what they’re talking about. Anyone can build a massive following on the platform if they know where to buy YouTube subscribers. There are many trustworthy services available to anyone, no matter their budget.

Below are details on how to Harvard reference a YouTube video in the two cases of citation:

1. In-Text Citation

When referencing within your project body, you only need the name of the person posting and the date.

2. Reference List

In a reference list, you should make your references in the following order and style:

  • The name of the person/channel posting the video
  • Year of posting (in round brackets)
  • The title of the video (in italics)
  • If it’s a series, the series title follows
  • Any online video (in square parentheses ‘[]’)
  • Place the words “Available at:”
  • Place the video URL
  • Place the word “Accessed:” and the date to end it (in square parentheses, “[]’”)


Following the correct procedure for your research paper or essay presentation will earn you a brilliant score. Thanks to this post, you now know how to Harvard reference a YouTube video.

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