MobileHow To Turn Off Autoplay On YouTube  

How To Turn Off Autoplay On YouTube  

Are you in the UK wondering how to turn off Autoplay on YouTube? While this exciting feature may give interesting suggestions on what to watch next, it may also consume excessive browsing data. So, what do you need to know about Autoplay on YouTube, and how do you turn it off?

To disable Autoplay on YouTube, you just need to find your device’s Autoplay settings. On phones and computers, you can turn off Autoplay on the top part of a video’s watch screen. If you have a Smart TV or a game console, turn it off in your settings tab. For devices casting to TVs, use the control bar.

Before turning off Autoplay on YouTube, you should get a grip on this feature. Then, keep reading for more insight to help you get the most from YouTube Autoplay.

How Autoplay On YouTube Works

With YouTube’s Autoplay function, you never have to worry about picking your next video. Instead, after one video finishes playing, the next one in the playlist will begin playing without any more action from the user. However, there are specific operational rules surrounding the Autoplay feature.

Firstly, Autoplay is disabled by default for YouTube users between the ages of 13 and 17. The Autoplay setting is activated automatically if you are 18 or older.

Secondly, Autoplay may be disabled for monitored accounts, so you may be unable to toggle it on or off at will. To understand this, you’ll need to read more about parental controls for monitored accounts.

Again, one’s Autoplay preferences can be modified per gadget. For instance, you may toggle Autoplay on and off depending on whether you’re using YouTube on your mobile device or PC.

Lastly, after 30 minutes of inactivity on a mobile network, Autoplay will end automatically. After 4 hours of playback, when connected to a wireless network, Autoplay will disable itself automatically. 

Autoplay is a means to get a message across or initiate engagement quickly. And using Autoplay as part of a comprehensive YouTube marketing strategy could benefit you. 

This makes Autoplay an exciting feature, especially for growing channels that need to increase views and subscribers. If coupled with other strategies, such as purchasing real and engaged YouTube subscribers, it’s an absolute winner. Read our blog post entitled “14 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers & Views” for more information.

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How To Turn Off Autoplay On YouTube

There are multiple ways to turn off Autoplay, depending on your device.

1. On Your Mobile Devices And Computers

It’s the same process for your mobile phones and computers. Begin by playing a video to show the watch screen. You should find the Autoplay control with a toggle button on your screen. By tapping on it, you can switch it on or off (in this case, it will be switched off).

2. On Your Smart TVs And Game Consoles

Once you’re on the YouTube app on your TV, click on Settings and navigate to Autoplay. You should find it on, so simply select the option to switch it off.

3. When Casting To Your TV

Firstly, select the video you want your TV to play from your phone or tablet. Next, click on the control menu, which you can find on the lower part of your screen. This action will reveal your Autoplay settings. Turn off the switch. 


Turning off Autoplay may help you save more money by spending less on the charges from your network. So, it’s good that you know how to turn off Autoplay on YouTube.

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