MobileHow To Unfollow On Instagram?

How To Unfollow On Instagram?

Are you wondering how to unfollow on Instagram in the UK? Perhaps you want to avoid seeing updates from a specific person on Instagram and unfollow them.

By unfollowing someone on Instagram, you are opting out of their profile updates. Unfollowing someone on Instagram does not notify them. So, how do you go about doing it?

First, log in to your Instagram account. If you would like to unfollow someone, visit their profile. Then, select “Following.” Next, click the “unfollow” option. Once you’ve selected unfollow, confirm it. Your unfollowed person’s profile will now say “Follow” rather than “Following.” Upon unfollowing someone, no notification will appear to that person.

Still not sure about how to unfollow on Instagram? We’ve got you covered. Read on to find out more about how to unfollow someone on the Instagram mobile and desktop app.

How To Unfollow On Instagram?

Unfollowing On Instagram Through Smartphone

You can unfollow people using the Instagram app if you have a smartphone. Here is how. 

  • Firstly, open the Instagram application on your phone. 
  • On the app’s bottom, click the profile icon.
  • Upon opening your profile page, tap “Following” at the top. Your Instagram followers appear here.
  • The account you wish to unfollow emerges in the “Following” list. 
  • The selected account will get removed immediately from your “Following” list on Instagram. The “Following” option of that Instagram account will change to ‘Follow’ after you have unfollowed the desired user.
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Unfollowing On Instagram Through PC

If you’re using Windows or Mac, you can remove people from your “Following” list from the Instagram website. Follow the steps to do so. 

  • First, access Instagram using a browser. 
  • Next, go to Instagram and sign in.
  • After that, navigate to your profile. To do so, choose “Profile.” The Instagram profile page will appear.
  • Click “Following” from your profile page. The number of Instagram followers you have will appear here.
  • Locate the user you wish to unfollow here. After clicking their name, click “Following”.
  • There will be a prompt to “Unfollow”. To confirm, click “Unfollow”.
  • You will no longer be following the selected account on Instagram.

It’s that simple. This way, you can only follow accounts you want to see updates from on Instagram. However, unfollowing certain accounts may result in them unfollowing you. And if you’re interested in gaining loads of followers on the platform, this would be a counterproductive approach.

That said, you no longer have to follow legions of people on Instagram in the hopes that they’ll return the favour. Building your audience is so much easier these days with multiple trustworthy Instagram follower services available. 

It’s easier to buy followers through a cost-effective service than to go through the endless process of following, hoping, and unfollowing.


Unfollowing many people may make you look suspicious unless you have a good reason. You should unfollow no more than 50 people at a time. 

People won’t notice that you have unfollowed them unless they visit your profile. There is also a limit to how many people you can follow on Instagram, which is 7,500. 

However, limiting how many people can follow you is impossible. I hope you have now figured out how to unfollow on Instagram.

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