GamingImpact Of Mobile Technology On The Gaming Industry

Impact Of Mobile Technology On The Gaming Industry

Since the introduction of mobile technology, gaming developers have created around 500,000 apps. The impact of mobile video game technology on the gaming industry is significant.

Not only did the impact target gaming developers but also consumers. There is no doubt, the impact will continue to spread far and wide until a similar but improved technology takes off. 

Computer Game History

Stephen Russell’s extraordinary invention, “Spacewar” got a slow takeoff when it was released to consumers in the first quarter of 1962.

The mere fact that personal computers were few and far between contributed to the lack of consumer enthusiasm. 

“Spacewar” featured limited compatibility, only working on the DEC PDP-1 computer. Released only three years earlier, the PDP-1 minicomputer had 9,216 8-bit bytes of memory.

In today’s terms, the memory and computer power are comparable to that of a pocket organizer released in 1996. One major difference, the PDP-1 minicomputer had slightly less memory.

Russell’s collaboration with Martin Graetz and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology resulted in the “space combat” computer game, “Spacewar.” At the time and even today, the development was exceptional.

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Indie Gaming Development

Since the introduction of mobile technology, indie gaming developers have popped up from every corner of the world. There is no evidence to validate the number of independent gaming developers currently in operation.

However, Steam reportedly supports around 44,000 indie game developers responsible for nearly 70,000 mobile games. 

Even with mobile technology, only a few independent gaming developers have been successful. Only 5 percent of independent video games earn a significant profit.

One specific successful, maybe the most successful indie game developer is Video Game Insights “VG Insights.” The company purportedly reported $5 million in revenue from 70 Steam mobile video games in 2022.

The video game industry always has room for new independent developers. This was surely not the case before mobile technology, 

The Consumer

Consumers have invested billions in mobile games since 1994. “Hagenuk MT-2000” was the first mobile version of a video game. Its compatibility supported only a few phone models.

As a variant of the extremely popular computer game, “Tetris,” “Hagenuk MT-2000” was pre-downloaded onto specific mobile phone models.

Three years later, Nokia followed suit by releasing its own Tetris-variant, “Snake.” The company installed its new game on its Nokia 6110 mobile phone.

In 2021, consumers had invested around $89.9 billion in mobile gaming apps. iOS mobile games accounted for $52.3 billion of the $89.9 billion, according to rl. exchange.

Before mobile technology, consumers were limited access to their favorite game titles. Stationary devices like personal computers and gaming consoles offered only access to video games. 

The modern world is packed full of mobile gamers. Everywhere you look, someone is playing some type of game on their mobile phone. With virtually endless titles to choose from, there is no end to the possibilities.

Game Development Budget

Video game development is a big business. The average budget for an AAA video game is $200 million. Activision reportedly invested over $300 million in the development of its AAA video game, “Call of Duty.”

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Another high-budget video game is “Grand Theft Audio.” Rockstar Games invested around $265 million in the development and publishing of its “Grand Theft Auto 5.” 

Compared to an indie video game, the budget for an AAA video is out-of-this-world. The independent mobile game budget is significantly more feasible.

To develop a 2D mobile game, the cost varies between $5,000 and $20,000. The cost increases with the intensity of the development. For example, a 3D mobile game cost an average of $250,000. 

Well-known brands like Nintendo, Microsoft, Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and Take-Two Interactive have the finances to support big-budget video games. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about indie game developers. 

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Video Game Socialization

“Spacewar” supported two players simultaneously. In other words, two players could play the game simultaneously.

Many modern mobile games can support as many as one million concurrent players. Of course, it will depend on the platform and server. 

Mobile video games are not only about exploring virtual civilizations and challenging quests. It is also about socializing with friends, family members, and even strangers. Mobile gaming socialization includes chatting via text and audible earpieces. 

Modern gamers have found their soul mates on mobile gaming platforms. Meet people from all over the world.


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