AutoAn Overview Of London Hotels With Electric Car Charging

An Overview Of London Hotels With Electric Car Charging

In the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities, a revolution is quietly unfolding—the electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

London, with its iconic landmarks, rich history, and bustling streets, is not just a tourist hotspot but a hub of sustainable innovation.

In this bustling metropolis, where tradition meets cutting-edge technology, EVs are becoming an increasingly common sight on the streets.

And for the eco-conscious traveler, finding London hotels equipped with electric car charging points can be the key to unlocking a sustainable urban adventure.

As we delve into the world of London’s EV-friendly accommodations, we’ll also introduce you to Bonnet’s Dash app, an indispensable tool that simplifies EV charging for businesses and individuals alike.

This app is at the forefront of reshaping how we think about electric mobility. It connects users to over 200,000 charging points across Europe, with more than 17,500 conveniently located in the UK.

This extensive network spans over 400 of the most popular EV charging networks, making it the ideal companion for travelers navigating the labyrinthine streets of London.

With transparent pricing, real-time fleet data, and dedicated support, Bonnet’s platform is not just an app; it’s a revolution in motion.

Charging Up In London: Hotel Options

The Savoy

Nestled along the picturesque banks of the River Thames, The Savoy is not just a quintessential luxury hotel; it is a testament to timeless elegance and sustainability.

Charging Up In London

Beyond its iconic Art Deco façade and lavish interiors, The Savoy has embraced the future by offering electric car charging facilities for its esteemed guests.

When you step into The Savoy, you are transported to a world where tradition meets innovation. The hotel’s commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with its century-old legacy.

The availability of electric vehicle charging points reflects The Savoy’s dedication to providing a holistic guest experience that seamlessly blends modern convenience with environmental responsibility.

Imagine arriving at The Savoy in your electric vehicle, having explored London’s bustling streets, and effortlessly plugging it into one of the available car charging stations.

As you unwind in the opulent surroundings, you can take solace in knowing that your vehicle is being charged sustainably.

It is not just about luxurious accommodations; it is about contributing to a greener future without compromising on comfort.

The Zetter Hotel

In the heart of Clerkenwell, an area synonymous with innovation and creativity, The Zetter Hotel stands as a beacon of style, eco-consciousness, and modernity.

This boutique hotel offers more than just comfortable lodgings; it provides a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

For travelers with electric vehicles, The Zetter Hotel offers a unique proposition – charging points that ensure your stay aligns with your commitment to sustainability.

Picture yourself in the vibrant heart of London, where innovation and tradition coexist seamlessly.

You have explored the city’s eclectic streets, and now, as you return to The Zetter Hotel, you’re welcomed not just by contemporary design but by the knowledge that your eco-conscious choice of transportation is supported.

The presence of electric car charging facilities reflects The Zetter Hotel’s mission to make sustainability a part of your London experience.

For the eco-conscious traveler, this hotel serves as a sanctuary of green ideals within the urban jungle.

It is about more than just a comfortable bed; it is about the feeling of making responsible choices while traveling.

With electric vehicle charging points readily available, The Zetter Hotel combines style and sustainability, offering a stay that’s both fashionable and eco-friendly.

The Goring

Just a stone’s throw away from Buckingham Palace, The Goring is not just a luxury hotel; it is a family-owned establishment that combines British elegance with a profound dedication to preserving the environment.

luxury hotel

Beyond its regal accommodations and unparalleled service, The Goring takes pride in its commitment to sustainability.

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For modern travelers who own electric vehicles, The Goring provides electric vehicle charging stations as a testament to its green ethos.

As you approach The Goring, you are greeted by the understated charm of this iconic hotel.

The electric vehicle charging points here are more than just a convenience; they are a symbol of The Goring’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. Your electric vehicle is not just accommodated; it’s embraced.

Imagine returning from a day of exploring London’s royal heritage, knowing that your vehicle is being charged sustainably.

The Goring transforms your stay into an eco-conscious experience without compromising on the luxury and comfort that the hotel is renowned for.

It’s about more than just a comfortable night’s sleep; it’s about contributing to a greener London.

InterContinental London Park Lane

Overlooking the vast green expanse of Hyde Park, the InterContinental London Park Lane is a five-star hotel that offers not only a window to the city’s natural beauty but also a commitment to preserving it.

Alongside its opulent accommodations and stunning views, this hotel provides electric vehicle charging stations for modern travelers who value both tradition and sustainability.

Approaching the InterContinental London Park Lane, you are struck by its striking presence in the heart of the city.

The electric car charging stations are a reflection of the hotel’s dedication to ensuring your stay is not just luxurious but also environmentally responsible. It is a seamless blend of modernity and eco-consciousness.

Imagine returning from an afternoon stroll through Hyde Park, knowing that your electric vehicle is being charged efficiently.

The InterContinental London Park Lane ensures that your eco-conscious choices are not only respected but actively supported.

It’s about more than just a room with a view; it is about experiencing London in a way that contributes to its sustainable future.

citizenM Tower of London

The citizenM chain is synonymous with contemporary design and modernity, and its Tower of London location is a testament to that ethos.

eco conscious travelers with electric vehicles

Here, you will find not only convenience and style but also a deep commitment to the environment.

For eco-conscious travelers with electric vehicles, citizenM offers electric vehicle charging points, enhancing your London experience.

Approaching citizenM Tower of London, you’re struck by its innovative design and welcoming atmosphere.

The presence of electric car charging facilities is more than just a convenience; it is a reflection of citizenM’s dedication to making sustainability a part of your travel experience.

Imagine returning to the hotel after a day of exploring London’s historic sites, knowing that your electric vehicle is being charged thoughtfully.

citizenM Tower of London transforms your stay into a fusion of modern comfort and responsible travel choices.

It’s about more than just a comfortable bed; it is about being an eco-conscious traveller while enjoying the conveniences of the modern world.

The Bottom Line: A Green Stay In London

London is not just a city but an experience, a fusion of history, culture, and innovation.

As travellers seek to make their journeys not only memorable but also sustainable, London’s hotels are rising to the occasion by providing electric car charging facilities.

Whether you choose the timeless luxury of The Savoy, the stylish allure of The Zetter Hotel, the regal charm of The Goring, the parkside opulence of the InterContinental London Park Lane, or the contemporary convenience of citizenM Tower of London, you can explore the city with the assurance that your electric vehicle will be ready for your next adventure.

Amidst this electric evolution, Bonnet’s Dash app stands as your reliable companion.

The best car charging app UK connects you to an extensive charging network, ensures transparent pricing, offers real-time fleet data, and provides dedicated support.

With Bonnet, your transition to an electric fleet is seamless, and you can explore London without leaving an environmental footprint.

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Make your stay in the capital both green and convenient, and let Bonnet’s Dash app be your gateway to the future of electric mobility in London and beyond.


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