BusinessMalta Citizenship By Naturalization: A New Way For Investors

Malta Citizenship By Naturalization: A New Way For Investors

The advantage of modern users is freedom of choice. This applies to areas such as education, employment, change of residence, etc.

European countries attract foreigners with stable economic development and observance of democratic values. The Maltese government offers favorable conditions for investors.

A quick consideration of the application and provision of tax benefits for business development – these are not all the advantages. The good geopolitical location, modern communication with any direction, and rich historical heritage are worth noting.

That is why more and more people want to get a Malta passport as a reserve airfield. After all, it is a firm assurance of the future.

What Is Citizenship By Naturalization?

Foreigners were previously offered the opportunity to take part in the Maltese citizenship by investment program.

But an alternative proposal has already been developed – citizenship of Malta through naturalization for outstanding services.

In return for a contribution to the economic development of the country, the applicant is entitled to a second citizenship. The rules are as transparent as possible. The offer can be used by 1,500 foreigners, after which the program is planned to end.

Requirements For Malta Citizenship

Key Requirements For Malta Citizenship

Who is eligible to participate in the investment program? According to the established legislation, a foreigner must meet these requirements:

  • age of majority;
  • no health problems;
  • clean biography;
  • availability of sufficient funds in the account;
  • confirmation of the legitimacy of the funds obtained;
  • fulfillment of the residency requirement;
  • consent for due diligence of the data.

Both the applicant himself and his family members can participate in Malta PR. This opens up a wide range of perspectives.

Documents For Application

It is best to formalize the documentation through a reliable company. This will help to avoid unforeseen misunderstandings. The package of documents depends on the type of investment requirements:

  • contribution to the National Development and Social Development Fund (from 600,000 euros);
  • donation to a charitable organization (from 10,000 euros);
  • purchase of real estate (from 700,000 euros).

It is possible to rent the property on payment of 16,000 euros. 

Application Process

Getting Malta nationality by naturalization in a short period is possible. As a rule, the process takes no more than 18 months. According to Albert Loffe, an expert at Imin Malta, it takes about two months to prepare everything one needs. 

The documents listed should be collected, and an application file should be created. The Maltese Consul signs all papers. An accelerated option (1-3 weeks) for obtaining a resident card is available.

After submitting the application for consideration, a background check is carried out to verify the purity of the biography and the source of legal receipt of funds. If the result is positive, an approval in principle is issued. Usually, it takes no more than four months.

Advantages of Maltese Citizenship

Thinking of relocating? By taking advantage of one of the ways to obtain Malta citizenship, you will discover undoubted advantages. The main ones are:

  • proximity to the ocean, unique views, and mild climate;
  • respect for human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of action;
  • high level of medicine;
  • education according to European standards, both in Malta itself and in EU countries;
  • modern developed infrastructure;
  • a relaxed pace of life, friendly people;
  • low crime rate;
  • the opportunity to establish a business in one of the most developed countries;
  • a rich cultural heritage;
  • two official languages, English and Maltese.

Living in Malta, you will have no problem moving around. You can go on vacation to one of the three continents at any time of the year. 

Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

The government has developed a unique mechanism to ensure favorable conditions for foreigners. In particular, it provides for the absence of:

  • the enrichment tax;
  • the inheritance tax;
  • the municipal taxes;
  • the real estate ownership tax.
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Favorable terms are available for seniors.

Freedom Of Movement In The EU

The list of visa-free destinations is quite impressive. Citizens of the country can travel freely to more than 180 Schengen countries, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

High Quality Of Life

Developed infrastructure, quality medical care, and great personal and financial development opportunities make Malta the most popular destination for foreigners. The locals have an impeccable command of English, which eliminates communication problems.


It is advisable to contact professionals in order to make the process of obtaining a second passport efficient. Complex solutions on ways to get a Malta passport are disclosed on the website

Full client support by qualified specialists and lawyers of the company is guaranteed. With us, you will gain confidence in the future.


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