Business15 Promising Businesses From Around the Globe

15 Promising Businesses From Around the Globe

Innovation happens everywhere, not just in developed countries. In other words, this leads to the emergence of a large number of strong Businesses in the current economy. Here is a list of 15 promising businesses from around the world. 

1. Mxit Is One of the Most Popular Social Networks in South Africa

MXit, an African company offered these features well before Foursquare and GroupMe. As a result of the social network’s mobile instant messaging, African enterprises are leapfrogging developing nations in terms of mobile technology.

2. Lottoland

Gibraltar-based Lottoland has more than doubled its revenue since its establishment in May 2013 and has provided its customers with a unique choice and value. Additionally, the Lottoland site is super easy to use and mobile-friendly. It is one of the biggest online platforms in the world and has more than 12 million customers worldwide.

3. Criteo Is the World’s Leading Company for Retargeting Ads

A Paris-based company, Criteo, serves ads to users based on what they are reading in their online browsers in order to retarget them with relevant ads. Criteo is the leader in this type of business, which is usually dominated by big search engines like Google.

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4. Introducing Mamba Nation, the Next Big Thing on Facebook

As opposed to other social games that rely solely on social features to spread virally, Mamba Nation is more focused on creating connections between players and building long-term relationships.

5. Google’s Indian equivalent, Justdial, is coming to the United States

In India, Justdial has revolutionized the online business listing process with an innovative concept: call them and ask for any business listing. You will receive a text message or email confirming the business listing within minutes. To put it simply, the company on a tear.

The company expanded its services into the United States recently, installing call centers to power the service and establishing an 800-number in the country. It is noteworthy that a company in the Indian technology sector is setting up call centers in the United States.

6. Brazil’s Crivo Makes Credit Checks Easier for Middle-class People

The Brazilian banking industry is very cautious when it comes to credit checks. However, a wide range of data can be used to calculate creditworthiness using Crivo’s extensive database, allowing credit checks to be easier to perform and allowing the middle class in Brazil to access credit. As reported by TechCrunch’s Sarah Lacy, the company is currently seeking capital from Silicon Valley to expand internationally.

7. The Largest Mobile Advertising Network May Be Inmobi

AdMob is a popular mobile advertising platform. Although there is a lot of hype surrounding mobile advertising, very few people are aware that InMobi is an Indian company that generates over $100 million per year in revenue.

Why is that? Although it has made some inroads in the US as well, most of its ads are served outside of the United States. It is extremely affordable to advertise on mobile phones in emerging markets, but people love their phones, so every penny quickly adds up.

8. In Kenya, Pesapal Is Similar to PayPal

Cashless payments are more commonly performed through mobile phones in Africa than through credit cards. Therefore, a PayPal account will not suffice if you are an online merchant–you will need something that is specific to your industry. That is precisely what Pesapal does, and it is an excellent service.

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9. There Is No Better Live Reporting Tool Than Ushahidi

The Ushahidi project was initiated during the riots in Kenya when people sent text messages or emails informing Google Maps of violent crimes. Ushahidi provides tools through which people can crowdsource information regarding current events in real-time.

It describes itself as a non-profit software company. For example, the use of real-time dashboards has been used in Haiti and Chile following earthquakes in order to monitor the situation.

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10. With, Newspapers Are Being Reinvented for a Twitter-driven World

A Swiss company named enables users to create online newspapers based on their social media feeds or topics that interest them. As a result, a simple but ambitious concept has emerged: anyone can become a journalist or editor of a newspaper.

In addition, the company has been growing rapidly, raising a new round of funding and appointing the former CEO of Huffington Post to its board of directors.

11. Sohoos Offers Free Business Tools to All

You should be able to run your small business as easily as possible with SohoOS as a small business owner. As a result, small businesses are able to use all the tools they normally pay for – including CRM, accounting, and invoicing – free of charge. In addition, a large social network is being built by the company where entrepreneurs can exchange tips and interact with one another.

12. One of the Largest Markets for Enterprise Software Is Being Disrupted By OpenERP

It is common for large businesses to use Enterprise Resource Planning software for the management and operation of their business. Several large companies, such as Oracle and SAP, spend most of their time on this type of work, which is often tedious and monotonous. 

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OpenERP, a Brussels-based company that offers open-source ERP software for free but charges for additional services, seeks to make things easier for small enterprises. According to all accounts, the company is doing well.

13. The Commerceguys Are Open-sourcing Ecommerce

Using Drupal as their e-commerce software, Commerce Guys develops open-source software for running e-commerce websites. Incorporating highly popular, scalable open-source software with e-commerce, and selling services over it, seems to be a successful combination. I also think that having a logo like that is pretty cool.

14. Carpooling Business Blablacar Is One of the Most Popular in Europe

With BlaBlaCar, online carpooling to work has never been simpler or more convenient. Aside from being more affordable, this form of transportation is also very environmentally friendly., a company that originated in France, recently expanded to the UK and predicts that it will soon dominate the globe.

15. The Cheapest Mobile Phones Are Made By CK Telecom

While CK Telecom is undoubtedly the largest company on the list, it is also one of the most intriguing. What is the connection between the company’s production of cheap mobile phones under its own brand name, which is a Chinese OEM, and interest?

It is advancing up the value chain and working towards making its own products, undercutting rivals such as Nokia, which holds a dominant position in emerging markets, and BlackBerry, which anticipates growth there. It is more likely that these companies will be threatened by companies such as CK Telecom than by Apple.


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