BusinessSmooth Sailing: 6 Tips For Remote Workers On The Go

Smooth Sailing: 6 Tips For Remote Workers On The Go

Since the pandemic, many people have discovered the benefits of becoming digital nomads. Some jobs don’t rely on a fixed location, so why not take advantage of it and explore the world without quitting?

If you’ve always wanted to relax on a beach fight after work hours or click away on your laptop in a gorgeous meadow, you probably know it’s more challenging than it sounds. 

Many things could go wrong when you try to mix business and pleasure. Instead of enjoying your journey, you may create a fuss and ruin your experience, so if you want to be stress and panic-free while on the go, you should read our tips below for a successful trip.  

Create A Productive Environment

Traveling to a new country or place is exciting – you get to see different cultures, meet new people, and explore what the world offers.

However, your travel experiences may stand in the way of your success and productivity – you will always seek to explore more and may ditch the work to go on adventures. 

Once you arrive at your destination, the first thing you need to look for is a quiet, distraction-free environment where you can be productive.

A cozy little corner in your hotel room or a coworking space nearby will do the trick. By taking this step, you will create a good work-life balance. 

Plan Ahead

Every trip consists of planning – you must select proper accommodations, book your flights, see what you will do on your trip, etc.

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While doing so, you shouldn’t forget your work requirements and create effective plans that won’t affect your workplace productivity. 

Create a thorough plan to protect yourself from burnout and uncomfortable situations. For example, you should create fixed work hours according to the time zones to ensure good communication with your coworkers.

This step will depend on your business needs, and you should plan your trip with your work in mind. 

Bring Backup Solutions

Technology is unpredictable. Even though your laptop may have worked perfectly for the past year, it might decide to die on you at the worst possible moment.

It may overheat, there may be a software issue, your batteries could die, etc. Since your work depends on your remote office, you should always carry a backup plan in your suitcase. So, be careful when packing to bring all the essentials. 

For example, bring your tablet just in case your laptop runs out of battery or won’t charge. You should also get backup cables and external components to be prepared for every scenario.

Yes, all our gadgets are quite advanced now, but you still cannot know whether something will go downhill. 

Explore Before You Travel

Every country has different laws and practices you will have to learn about before booking your ticket.

For example, some countries do not support the same access to media and the internet. So, you’ll be out of luck if your work relies on social media management. 

Additionally, you should explore health insurance, financial practices, and internet connections to ensure that you will be safe, have enough cash, and can get the job done.

Read about everything you need before you catch the flight or contact the authorities to avoid surprises when you land. 

Create A Routine 

Although it may seem like an exciting experience, adapting to a new environment is challenging.

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You may not know the neighborhood, the traditions, the parties, and all other distractions that may be fatal to your workflow.

Once you explore the country, you should create a routine that will be your comfort zone.

For example, you can stand up early, head to the beach for an hour, exercise, do your work, and head to a bar in the evening.

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This strategy will ensure that you don’t miss out on any deadlines while not putting much pressure on yourself. 

Prioritize Security 

Moving your online business through different locations may represent a cyber threat. You never know how secure a country’s network is and how safe you are while living in a digital world. It’s best to look at additional security measures to prevent cyber-attacks. 

One of the best safety precautions you can use is a VPN for PC. A Virtual Private Network will hide your IP address and encrypt your data, making you more undetectable online.

With this tool, you can go to whichever country and be worry-free regarding your sensitive work data. Plus, you can use a VPN wherever you go, so it’s also the most versatile cyber-protection tool you can find. 


Traveling the world and exploring different cultures is exciting. If you are a digital nomad and want to work from different parts of the world, preparing for what’s about to come is essential.

We have presented some tips that will ensure smooth sailing and keep you away from uncomfortable scenarios. 


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