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Useful Ideas Of How To Convert HEIC To PDF Online

HEIF/HEIC is an image file format. It is capable of opening images encoded by a high-performance video codec.

When compared to JPG, this format is capable of reducing the file size by half. This is considered a new standard for storing images on Apple mobile devices. 

In addition to being able to store more than one image, HEIC files can also contain 16-bit colors, whereas JPG files can only contain 8-bit colors.

HEIC images can be opened automatically on an iOS device, while Windows added support for such formats in version 10 of the operating system.

PDF is an electronic document format. It was created by Adobe Systems. During its development, some features of the PostScript language were also used.

The official program, which provides access to view documents in this format is Adobe Reader. The most common form of PDF is text with graphics, text forms, and scripts.

Most PDF readers are free. PDF files do not encode the information required for an application to run – they only contain information that describes the document. PDFs can be made interactive with multimedia, annotations, and flash animations. 

Converting HEIC To PDF

Converting HEIC To PDF

If you want to convert heic to PDF, it is necessary to find a tool where this can be done. Each software product has its own algorithm but the basic steps are considered to be as follows:

  • Uploading HEIC files to any online converter. For this purpose, select the appropriate button in the application or by dragging the file into the white box.
  • Add more images, change the order, and convert. After the first file is uploaded, you can add more images as needed. You can click to start the conversion right away. 
  • Saving. Once finished, the final file can be automatically downloaded to the user’s local drive. All uploads are immediately deleted from the tool to ensure data privacy. 

To perform such a task online, registration on the platforms is not required. Everything happens quickly and for free. 

Many converters do not limit the number of HEIC images a user can send for conversion to PDF. As a rule, most of these platforms have a simple user interface, so even a beginner will quickly get the job done.

The interface does not bore you with unnecessary options but focuses on quickly delivering results. 

How To Choose Software To Convert HEIC To PDF

Today, there are plenty of programs that can be used to quickly convert HEIC to PDF file. Reliable platforms support many file formats and also do not require downloading. 

Software To Convert HEIC To PDF

Also, the user does not have to worry about privacy – no one should ever have access to the client files. That’s why all files are deleted from the program after conversion. 

The software tool should provide a number of tools that help to convert files in the most convenient way. The user should not feel uncomfortable when he intends to turn HEIC to PDF. Everything should happen quickly and easily. 

File conversion software should be free – this is a guarantee of reliability and transparency. Only such platforms should be used when needed. 

Taking Advantage Of Solutions By PandaDoc 

PandaDoc is a great tool for converting files. It is a unique platform where you can perform all necessary actions with documents.

There are already more than 40 thousand clients who have been using solutions by PandaDoc worldwide. The reason behind that is very simple – it has a number of advantages:

  • it can be safely described as a reliable and easy-to-use tool, which is confirmed by many satisfied clients;
  • it is capable of performing document exchanges in a matter of minutes;

versions can be verified quickly and confidently;

  • data privacy is ensured to users;
  • there is secure storage for personal files;
  • when the solution is used, there is a possibility to use electronic signatures for contracts and other documents; and
  • there are loads of useful templates for creating documents;
  • there is a version available for free use during a limited period.
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Most business entities and companies have connected every piece of their business to this software solution.

It is easy to ensure data consistency with tools by PandaDoc because it has built-in integrations with CRM that streamline the entire document workflow. 

Security and trust can be increased with built-in electronic signatures that are legally binding. 

Converted files can be easily opened on PDFPlatform. All the work takes only minutes. Therefore, the popularity of this software product is only increasing day by day.

Today, this assistant accompanies the work in the office in many European countries, replacing the manual work of the employees to a large extent.


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