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We Are Barnsley Facebook 

Perhaps you’ve heard about the We Are Barnsley Facebook page from one of your UK friends and were curious about it? Nowadays, it is pretty common to have a Facebook page. Even big brands prefer having a Facebook page as they can reach a broader audience. But what exactly does the We Are Barnsley Facebook page offer its audience?

“We Are Barnsley” is a local news site for the greater Barnsley area, featuring various topics of interest. Like other news sites, “We Are Barnsley” also has a Facebook page. And their Facebook page offers news snippets and highlights while adhering to a strict policy. Though they appreciate your comments and engagement with their Facebook posts, they do not allow any hate speed.

What Is The We Are Barnsley Facebook Page?

We Are Barnsley provides readers with local news from all over the Borough of Barnsley on topics that interest them. “We Are Barnsley” also has many Facebook likes and followers on its Facebook page. 

This newsagent follows a strict Facebook policy on their page. Commenting and engaging with their Facebook posts is welcome. However, they do not allow any cyberbullying. 

Their stories and posts encourage readers to participate in the discussion actively. But those who display offensive language or behaviour are quickly banned from their page. 

The reason is that the We Are Barnsley team wants to create a safe space for all residents of the Borough. They will do their utmost to make the Facebook Page as comfortable as possible for everyone who visits. Although they accept free speech, libel and slander laws apply to them.

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We Are Barnsley’s team put a great deal of effort into updating and maintaining their Facebook page. While they have a comprehensive news website, the Facebook page makes reaching their target audience far easier. This is the reason so many businesses turn to Facebook to engage and entertain their fans and followers.

While We Are Barnsley are likely very well-known, they still need to post relevant content regularly to keep followers interested.  But they may not have had to buy Facebook followers and likes to improve their prospects on the platform. 

Although this is easy and affordable for anyone to do, we suspect We Are Barnsley didn’t need the boost. As a prominent newsagent, they probably expand their audience through likes, shares, and word of mouth.


The We Are Barnsley website provides the latest news on the Borough of Barnsley and various topics of interest relevant to its residents. Like many other news websites, they have a Facebook page, which is very active. And the popularity of the We Are Barnsley Facebook page has seen it amass an impressive following of nearly 100k.

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