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What Is Web 3.0?

What Is Web 3.0?

If you frequently use the internet, you might have come across the term “Web 3.0” and wondered: What is Web 3.0? Undoubtedly, the internet has been the most revolutionary technological advancement in history. Web 3.0 is an example of such an advancement in the online environment. But what is it, and how and why is Web 3.0 going mobile?

Web 3.0 refers to the third generation of the internet, incorporating machine learning and blockchain technology to process information. A new interface for interacting with data will be available in Web 3.0. However, programs will need to be capable of understanding both conceptual and contextual information to achieve this. Therefore, artificial intelligence and the semantic web are critical components of Web 3.0.

This article will explore Web 3.0 in more detail and how this internet iteration is going mobile.

What Is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is the third edition of the internet based on decentralized data interconnectivity enabling a more convenient and faster user experience. 

A combination of AI, the semantic web, and machine learning makes up Web 3.0. Web 3.0 incorporates blockchain technology to make your data more protected. 

Further, as Web 3.0 evolves, it will become more open, decentralized, and user-friendly. It uses the semantic web because it allows users to grasp the context and concepts behind data. 

Thus, Web 3.0 provides the most reliable and accurate results when a user seeks answers online. Besides, several tech giants such as Google and Facebook generate massive profits from user data, with most users unaware of it. 

However, Web 3.0 will require large tech companies to compensate users for their data. As a result, users can sell their private data to marketers while remaining in control of their privacy.

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How And Why Web 3.0 Is Going Mobile?

Web 3.0 must go mobile to achieve mainstream acceptance. Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other mobile devices have become integral to how the public interacts online. And a growing number of Web 3.0 teams predict mobile will dominate the industry. 

Therefore, developers are working hard to make Web 3.0 a reality and ensure that it integrates seamlessly with the mobile environment.

For example, Solana is working on a Solana-native phone named Saga. In contrast, HTC launched a smartphone that supports the virtual reality metaverse. There has also been a secret release of an operating system linked to Ethereum based on Web 3.0.


In Web 3.0, blockchain technology contributes to a highly decentralized system. Web 3.0 allows individuals to maintain ownership of their data and sell it without giving up ownership. 

It also emphasizes the digitalization of assets through tokenization. Tokenization involves the conversion of assets and rights into digital representations on a blockchain system.

Overall, Web 3.0 will improve the way we use the internet. Hopefully, this article has answered your question, “What is Web 3.0”, and provided insight into why it must go mobile.

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