TechnologyHow Easily To Send A Fax From Your Phone?

How Easily To Send A Fax From Your Phone?

Faxing remains relevant and has evolved significantly since its introduction in the 80s. Now, you can even send faxes from your iPhone. In this article, we will cover all your questions about using a mobile fax application to send and receive faxes.

Benefits Of Mobile Fax

#1 Organization

Online fax services offer a convenient solution for organizing sent and received documents, whether you’re using an app or a web browser.

With these services, you can quickly access your important files without the hassle of searching through emails. This streamlined approach to document management is one of the key advantages of using a fax app for mobile.

#2 Affordability

Apart from providing complimentary trials or free versions of their applications, the finest online fax services typically offer a diverse selection of flexible pricing plans that cater to various requirements.

Whether you are transmitting and receiving documents for personal use or as part of your business or corporation, you will discover a suitable plan tailored to your needs.

Additionally, do not overlook important factors such as the number of pages you intend to send, the countries you will be sending to, and the necessity of receiving documents.

Furthermore, a significant advantage is the elimination of the need to invest in a physical fax machine (which costs approximately $200) and a dedicated phone line solely for sending documents through the machine.

Benefits Of Mobile

#3 Convenience

Sending faxes from your phone offers numerous benefits, with time-saving being the most immediate and obvious advantage.

Many online fax services provide mobile fax apps equipped with a built-in scanner for easily creating digital copies of documents.

Furthermore, these apps enable you to conveniently send and receive documents via email, ensuring you always have a copy on hand.

Additionally, the apps seamlessly integrate with built-in or cloud storage services, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

#4 Security

Given that majority of online fax services utilize OpenSSL (a counterpart encryption system), rest assured that your data remains secure, ensuring only the sender and receiver have access to the fax content.

The Best Mobile Fax Application

Here’s a simple business tip for you – replace your fax machine with a fax app. Thus, in your office and outside of it, employees will have a personal fax.

To set up an online fax network, you need a reliable software solution. Among all the options known to us, Fax from iPhone turned out to be the most practical and effective, which is typical – it is the leader in all respects.

The service simplifies the process of sending and receiving faxes online, providing a user-friendly platform.

For a small amount, you can remove all restrictions and send any number of faxes. If you are not a very active user of the technology, the free mode is enough for you.

How To Send A Fax From My Phone?

Sending faxes using your mobile phone is incredibly convenient. All it takes is a few taps with your fingertips.

#1 Download The Mobile App

Fax from iPhone is available on iOS. Once the app is downloaded, you’ll be prompted to select your country code so that the app can generate a dedicated fax number for you. You’ll also get a free trial.

#2 Confirm Your Subscription

Simply confirm your subscription to access all the features of the app.

#3 Register Your Account

After confirming your subscription, your fax number will be activated. You can log in using your existing social media accounts or create a new account. Logging in is necessary to receive updates on any sent or received documents.


#4 Explore Your Dashboard

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see your dashboard right away. Service organizes your documents, separating your sent and received files, just like an inbox.

#5 Fill Out Your Fax Cover Page

Each faxed document comes with a cover page that contains important information for both the sender and recipient. This cover page, also known as the fax header, is crucial for the fax process.

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Fax from iPhone will guide you through filling out the recipient’s fax number, sender’s name, and subject. You can even mark the document as urgent if needed.

#6 Scan Or Import Your Document And Send

This service is one of the top online fax services and includes a built-in scanner. If you don’t have a digital copy of your document yet, you can conveniently scan it on your phone. The app’s image optimizer ensures that your scan is clear and legible.

Furthermore, you can link your cloud storage accounts like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox to the app for easy document import. Once everything is set, you can go ahead and send faxes from your cellphone without any hassle.


Your phone is not only a calculator and scanner, but can also become a fax machine. With the right app, any iPhone can completely replace a fax machine. Their century is already over, but the technology itself is alive and useful for companies.


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